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12 Tips on How to Choose the Best Stadium Lighting Manufacturer

When we say stadium lighting, we are talking about more than just placing the lamps at strategic points. When the business is serious, there should be rules and standards that must be followed. With the advancement in technology in recent years, these standards in stadium lighting have become a little more difficult. Therefore, if you have a stadium to be illuminated, it is very important to find the right manufacturer.

Let's get to the benefits of good stadium lighting. Good stadium lighting does more than illuminate the area. It provides numerous benefits to both players and spectators.

Safety. Adequate lighting makes it easy to see for everyone. It makes it easier for viewers to protect their belongings.

Stadium lighting increases revenue streams by allowing your venue to host other events such as concerts and festivals.

It improves the experience of your fans who support your team by making it easier to see what's happening on the pitch. In addition, with some models, these lights can be synchronized with sound effects.

Understanding how to choose the best stadium lighting manufacturer is the first step to a great sports experience. Be sure to check the following conditions before choosing the right manufacturer for your business, whether it is new field construction or replacement of existing lighting.

1. Experience relevant to the subject

The company you will hire must have stadium lighting experience. So be sure to check their reliability and experience. What kind of experience do they have? So how do you distinguish between an amateur and a professional? Check out their portfolios and references and review their training and expertise. If they are experts in this field, the information they give about the subject will be accurate and detailed. A professional manufacturer should be familiar with various lighting techniques and even more.

How do I choose the best stadium lighting company?

2. Free lighting design service

Each stadium has different needs according to their different situations. Different field lighting designs are often required to meet these needs. So you should work with a firm capable of fully implementing various strength options with diversified beams. After doing your research, decide on the designs you want to have and make sure which one fits your budget with your meetings with companies. Next, make a list of sports lighting companies that can take over your project. A good stadium lights manufacturer should outline suitable designs for potential customers.

3.Service Time and Speed

It is vital to receive the necessary service in a timely manner so that any electrical failure that may occur does not have a negative effect on your competition or event. Pay attention to whether the company you choose for stadium lighting has a 24/7 fast service. In the event of a malfunction, it is essential to carry out the maintenance and repair of the lighting as soon as possible in order not to disappoint your tarftars.

4. Warranty

What kind of guarantees does the stadium lighting company offer? A quality and good stadium lighting manufacturer will have a guarantee for both its products and services. Remember that the quality of stadium lights is just as important as the quality of the design and installation process.

5.The type of stadium lighting they supply

LED sports and stadium lighting saves energy. With the recent development of technology, LED lighting fixtures are predominantly used as lighting in stadiums. Stadiums and indoor sports fields occasionally use HID lamps (high intensity discharge) for their lighting needs. The lighting and luminaires to be used vary according to the size of the stadium. Choose a company that sells different varieties such as LED, metal halide, and halogen lamps. However, we would like to remind you again that LED Lights are the best option for energy saving.

6. Company background checks

The stadium lighting business is a huge project with many different points. As a result of the agreement, there will be a large budget. Before choosing the company to which you will give the stadium lighting project, it would be good to consult the contractor licensing board to find out if any problems have been found before.
Confirm that the company you choose has a valid license. (If you authorize an unlicensed company to do this work, you will lose any protection provided by the license board)

7. Comments and references

Ask people in the same industry that have previously committed to this firm for their advice and past experience. Remember that customer service is just as important as the quality of business. Check out customer reviews and testimonials. These reviews contain vital information such as the technicians' professional behavior.
A good manufacturer will take into account the needs of their customers.
The light intensity required by the athletes is different from that of the audience. Athletes are always in sight. It will meet the needs of low light intensity to be used in accordance with athletes. Spectators and fans come to your stadium to watch the game. The viewers' field of view is far and fixed. Good stadium lights should be designed to meet everyone's needs.

8.Understand your stadium

It is important to know your stadium layout before researching stadium lighting manufacturers. So you have to know what you want before you come up with any ideas. To start, consider the layout of your space. Draw a 3D model to represent the real environment. The more information you provide to your manufacturer, the more accurate the lighting plan will be.

9.Confirm the insurance policy

To have knowledge is to have power. Find out what your insurance covers and what your manufacturer's business insurance covers in the event of an accident or unforeseen damage. However, get a copy of the insurance policy.

10. Talk with at least three companies

Get a written quote from each company, then compare the prices quoted. Keep this in mind when evaluating companies and don't expect high quality services from the low bidder. If one of the companies is significantly below the others, be careful with this company, it could harm your business. Stadium lighting is a serious job that can be done once and used for a long time, so do not compromise on quality due to price.

11. Ask a lot of questions

The right lighting system makes a big difference to the fans' experience. So be sure to ask a lot of questions about your stadium's lighting before making any decisions. Since when has the lighting company been doing this business? Is it licensed and insured? Can they provide references from their old customers? Will they subcontract a part of the work to a different firm? Do they offer cheaper used stadium lights? What is the expected timeline for completion? A reliable manufacturer will be happy to answer all your questions. Don't rely on a single research tool, get answers to all questions and learn every necessary point.

12. Request a detailed contract, sign it

The contract to be prepared by a stadium lighting company should include the work completion date, payment procedures and all lighting materials to be used. Make sure that your contract has a business plan that includes how business will run and what to do. Document everything. If you have not documented this, it will be your word against their word, and remember, the word flies and the text remains. Have a lawyer review your contract to make sure your interests are protected. If the contract is not detailed enough, ask for it to be updated accordingly.
When choosing a company for stadium lighting, choose a company that fits your style and personality. If you like a personal approach, a small company is the right one for you. On the other hand, if you want speed and professionalism, a larger firm will serve you better.
Set a budget and stick to it. Avoid deviating from this once the job starts. Finally, get everything in writing and never pay more than 50% upfront.


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