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Led Floodlight AC220V 550W

Led Floodlight AC220V 550W
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Led Floodlight AC220V 550W
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Special LED projector that can be used both indoors and outdoors of sports halls, LED projector area lighting lamp, Philips LED Module and IP66, aluminum body stainless projector.

As Soli Lighting family, we are proud to export to 32 countries and to increase our Turkish made lighting products to a level of quality and reliability that compete with the world.

Our Philips Led Sports Hall Lighting Lamps, Projector and Area Lighting lamps are used in outdoor lighting, gardens and fields, bridge and under-bridge tunnels, sports fields, astroturf and stadiums, harbor and airport lighting poles, train stations and buses with Soli lighting quality all over the world. terminals, military type land lighting and many more.

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Power 550W
Color Temperature 2700-6500K
IP Class IP66 Cl
IK Class IK09
Lumen Value (lm) 65000
Voltage AC110‐265V

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