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Automobile Showroom Lighting

The car dealership is an important place for car display, sales and communication with customers. LED Showroom lighting should not only design a lighting environment suitable for the characteristics of the showroom space, but also show the texture and detailed outlines of the car. LED Showroom lighting, which is the type of lighting system that will best provide this, should show the specific features of cars well and create a visually comfortable and comfortable space for consumers to adopt and experience car products.

Facade Lighting with LEDs

Auto showrooms often decorate the road-facing wall with glass, making the entire showroom look like a transparent showcase, but the reflection properties of glass have a big impact, and the reflection problem in the glass is very obvious.

In order to avoid interference of vision, the indoor lighting in the LED-lit exhibition hall needs to be illuminated by strong light from a high-output light source, so that the stage in the exhibition hall can be seen clearly from the outside. At the same time, the luminous area not only makes people feel comfortable, but also improves the display effect of cars.

The color temperature adopts the cooler color temperature of 4200K-6400K to express the beauty of metal materials. The general illumination of the area is 800-1000LUX, and the local illumination is above 1500LUX, creating a vivid window effect, and the color rendering should not be less than 80.

Car Display Lighting

Since the surface of the car consists of glossy curved surfaces, it has a strong specular reflection feature. Under the LED lighting, there is a richly layered glossy texture, which is the key to enhancing the car's appeal.

To achieve this effect effectively, LED spotlights are placed in the upper part of the ceiling where the car product is located. Especially on the windshield, the part where it is easy to attract people's attention, and the rear part, LED spots are used to increase the illumination. If the shop floor is made of bright-toned material, you can also focus the beam spots on the floor around the car and use the floor reflection to bring out the shape and texture of the car.

To restore the shine of automotive metal, paint, glass and other materials, it is recommended to use an LED light source with good color rendering. The color temperature adopts the cooler color temperature of 4200K-6400K to express the beauty of metal materials. The general illumination of the area is 500-800LUX and the local illumination is above 1000LUX. Multi-point LED lighting is used to create a rich sense of light and shadow with multi-point highlights, and the color rendering is again not less than 80.

General Lighting in the Exhibition Hall

In order for the exhibition hall to have uniform and comfortable general lighting, high ceiling lamps can be used above the ceiling to be equipped with light sources such as LEDs to achieve good color rendering. When strong natural light comes through the glass during the day, you can prevent the light and dark contrast in the room with LEDs.

Generally speaking, it is best to keep the same feeling in the shop area as when driving outside. The color temperature adopts the neutral color temperature of about 4200K to create a kind of affinity. Provided that the color rendering is not less than 80, the general illumination of the area is 300-500LUX, and the local decorative illumination is 600-800LUX.

Customer Negotiation Area Lighting

The applied LED lighting should be considered to create comfort and the color temperature should be low, giving people a soft feeling and suitable for customers to rest and talk. The color temperature adopts the color temperature of about 3000K-4200K to create a feeling of comfort. General illumination of the area should be 200-300LUX, local decorative lighting illumination 500-800LUX and color rendering not less than 80. Thus, you can have healthier and more productive conversations with the customer, who has a high level of visual comfort, and you can convey your business-related issues to the other party more easily.

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