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15 Nov Advantages of LED Lights in Cold Areas
Aziz 0 36
Advantages of LED Lights in Cold AreasIn recent years, LED technology has started to mature. The segmentation of LED lights continues to deepen and evolve. segmentation; It is a method that aims to create a strategy for the small market selected from these sections by dividing the market in which th..
04 Nov Basic Functions of LED Street Lighting System
Aziz 0 83
Basic Functions of LED Street Lighting SystemControl and management of LED lights can be realized using advanced, efficient, reliable wired or wireless communication technology. Smart LED lighting systems are complete and integrated systems. The street lights system can adjust the brightness accordi..
18 Oct Types of Sensors Used in LED Lighting
Aziz 0 166
Types of Sensors Used in LED LightingThe technology of the sensor, which is a device for signal acquisition and electromechanical conversion, is highly advanced. In recent years, sensor technology has made great strides towards miniaturization, intelligence, multifunctionality and low cost. Various ..
20 Sep How LED Street Lights Work
Aziz 0 224
How LED Street Lights WorkSolar energy is a renewable, clean and inexhaustible type of energy. Solar energy is the most preferred type of energy nowadays and in the future. With the widespread application of clean energy and the maturation of energy storage technology, the advantages and usage areas..
02 Sep Some Common Problems With LED Street Lights
Aziz 0 143
Some Common Problems With LED Street LightsRoad planning, which is an important part of urban infrastructure, not only requires a reasonable route design according to the entire layout of the area, but also needs a road lighting to facilitate people's night journeys. LED street lights have a very im..
19 Aug LED Street Lights Surge Protection Technology
Aziz 0 309
LED Street Lights Surge Protection TechnologyOld street lamps used to illuminate our roads until LED street lamps came to market, but after long development processes, LED lighting started to be used more. Of course, as in every business, technical problems may occur in this sector during the develo..
11 Aug Considerations When Choosing Industrial Lighting
Aziz 0 186
Considerations When Choosing Industrial LightingWhile choosing industrial lighting fixtures, the following points should be considered; Fixtures that meet the environmental conditions, comply with the requirements of the working and production conditions, take care of their beautiful appearance, and..
27 Jul Lighting Guide for Private Workshops
Aziz 0 123
Lighting Guide for Private WorkshopsMetallurgy or metal science, metals and alloys, ore or metal-containing raw materials; It is a branch of science and technology that aims to produce, purify, alloy, shape, protect and prepare it in a way that will meet the needs of people, taking into account the ..
14 Jul Information About Racetrack Lighting
Aziz 0 514
Information About Racetrack LightingRacetracks are structures built for the competition of vehicles, athletes or animals. Racetracks can also be found in grandstands or halls. Racetracks are also used in the training of various competitive races or entertainment. Correct lighting of the racetracks i..
02 Jul Things to Consider When Buying LED Street Lights
Aziz 0 292
Things to Consider When Buying LED Street LightsToday, we can say that the use of traditional road lamps is over. LED fixtures have started to take their place. LED luminaires have come to the fore in street lighting with their features such as much less power consumption, high efficiency, long life..
19 Jun Building Exterior Lighting Requirements
Aziz 2 213
Building Exterior Lighting RequirementsOne of the most important purposes of architectural lighting is to beautify buildings after sunset. It is also to make the place and its surroundings more attractive and to make people feel as safe as possible. Night lighting is important not only for the beaut..
08 Jun IP Protection Class and IP Codes
Aziz 0 275
IP Protection Class and IP CodesThe IP protection value that should be in electrical and mechanical systems is a very important element. IP protection code is essential for us to know the safe working environment, especially in electrical products. The products should be produced considering the env..
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