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02 Jul Things to Consider When Buying LED Street Lights
Aziz 0 7
Things to Consider When Buying LED Street LightsToday, we can say that the use of traditional road lamps is over. LED fixtures have started to take their place. LED luminaires have come to the fore in street lighting with their features such as much less power consumption, high efficiency, long life..
19 Jun Building Exterior Lighting Requirements
Aziz 1 34
Building Exterior Lighting RequirementsOne of the most important purposes of architectural lighting is to beautify buildings after sunset. It is also to make the place and its surroundings more attractive and to make people feel as safe as possible. Night lighting is important not only for the beaut..
08 Jun IP Protection Class and IP Codes
Aziz 0 155
IP Protection Class and IP CodesThe IP protection value that should be in electrical and mechanical systems is a very important element. IP protection code is essential for us to know the safe working environment, especially in electrical products. The products should be produced considering the env..
01 Jun Prevention of Corrosion in Seaside Lights
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Prevention of Corrosion in Seaside LightsSea waters contain various salts and the salt content is generally 3.5%. Seawater is a natural electrolyte with a high salt concentration and is one of the most corrosive (naturally corrosive) environments. In places close to the marine environment, especiall..
25 May Swimming Pool Lighting Tips
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Swimming Pool Lighting TipsSwimming is really a very popular activity and it is a sport that not only athletes but also many people do. The comfortable pool environment, the light environment of the pool, the ventilation environment and the quality of the water are very important. If one of them is ..
18 May Importance of LED Lighting in Food Processing Facilities
Aziz 0 63
Importance of LED Lighting in Food Processing FacilitiesThere are many requirements for the use of fixtures in food facilities. It is very important to choose lighting that is suitable for your facility and will not disrupt your production. Raw materials, packaging, product inspection, processing, s..
15 May What IK Code Means in LED Lights
Aziz 0 59
What IK Code Means in LED LightsLED lighting is used in many areas in our daily life. They are widely used in areas such as stores, indoor and outdoor parking lots, warehouses, manufacturing and sports facilities (stadium, tennis court, basketball, etc.) as they are cost-effective and save energy. I..
09 May Corrosion Resistance of LED Lights
Aziz 0 107
Corrosion Resistance of LED LightsThe lifespan of LED lights is affected by many factors, including heat, corrosion, water resistance and dust resistance. In the first place, factors such as sun, rain and sea water are the external elements that can corrode the body and electrical wire of the LED li..
01 May Information About Spot Lights and Projectors
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Information About Spot Lights and ProjectorsLED lightings can be used in street, lights, store, warehouse, parking lot etc. It is often used in applications such as A combination of different types of LED light can be used in the application to achieve a beautiful effect. LEDs, floodlights and spot ..
28 Apr Lighting Considerations for Warehouses
Aziz 0 87
Lighting Considerations for WarehousesWarehouses are often large spaces with high shelves, windows, and a lot of material. They are especially equipped with high shelves, because they are made to place more materials in the warehouse and to establish an order. It is very important in terms of separa..
25 Apr Lighting Considerations of Super Markets
Aziz 0 77
Lighting Considerations of Super MarketsThere are many shelves and products in the supermarket. Products are sorted and placed in different areas to help customers classify and select the products they want faster and easier. Lighting also plays an important role in classifying different types of pr..
23 Apr Basketball Court Lighting Requirements
Aziz 0 68
Basketball Court Lighting RequirementsProper lighting is critical to the safety and satisfying experience of participants on the basketball court. Basketball players enjoy the game and the spectators want to watch the game clearly. For clubs with basketball courts, the important thing is a cost-effe..
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