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23 Jan LED Lighting Now and in the Future
Aziz 0 21
LED Lighting Now and in the FutureCompared with traditional lamps and energy-saving lamps, LEDs can only fully reflect their characteristics and value through intelligence. In recent years, LED luminaire developers and manufacturers such as Soli Lamp have begun to pay attention to the intelligence o..
10 Jan Benefits of Choosing Solar Powered Projector Lights
Aziz 0 121
Benefits of Choosing Solar Powered Projector LightsThe use of solar powered projectors is among the most popular lighting groups in recent years. So, what are the benefits of these lights, whose usage area has expanded so much, where are they used, let's talk about them now; If the place you want to..
26 Dec Advantages of LED Stadium Lights
Aziz 0 124
Advantages of Led Stadium LightsYou have many options when deciding what kind of lighting you want for your stadium. Older lighting styles, including sodium-based and halogen-based lights, dominated the markets for years. Today, the popularity of modern lighting solutions is increasing and offers ma..
22 Dec Information about solar power unit systems
Aziz 0 197
Information about solar power unit systemsAs renewable energy, solar energy is among the most important resources of today and the future. The areas of use are increasing rapidly. If we give an example;-Industrial areas- Factories, Hotels, Hospitals-Buildings, detached houses-Cold storages-Agricultu..
16 Dec 7 Reasons to Use LED Solar Projectors for Safety
levent 0 104
7 Reasons to Use LED Solar Projectors for SafetyLED solar floodlight is gaining popularity due to its ability to provide illumination even in the most remote places for safety. These solar powered floodlights can be installed almost anywhere without the need for access to conventional power. Here ar..
15 Dec Here's Why LED Lights Are The Best For The World And Our Future
levent 0 62
'Eco-friendly' isn't just a trendy phrase, it's becoming a lifestyle, and rightfully so, it should be. Given climate change, the increase in our carbon footprint and the effects of pollution have forced us to rethink everything we do. From the clothes we buy to the food we eat to the water we drink...
27 Nov LED — The Fourth Revolution in Area and Landscape Lighting History
levent 0 55
LED — The Fourth Revolution in Area and Landscape Lighting History“Landscape lighting” always reminds people of the colorful city and the colorful clouds above the bright lights. LED is the fourth revolution in human lighting history. LED is a kind of luminous semiconductor element, which is conside..
16 Nov Harm of Static Electricity to LED Chip
levent 0 451
Static Electricity Generation MechanismUsually, static electricity is generated by friction or induction.Tribostatic electricity is generated by contact friction or the movement of charge generated in the process of separation of two objects. Static electricity left over from friction between conduc..
03 Nov Working Principle and Design of Solar LED Street Lights
levent 0 285
Solar energy is the most direct, common and cleanest energy source on earth. Solar energy is a large amount of renewable energy. The radiant energy reaching the earth every day is approximately equal to 250 million barrels of oil. It can be said that it will never run out.Almost the entire spectrum ..
19 Oct The Difference Between Lumens and Watts
levent 0 269
With the introduction of new energy-saving technologies such as LEDs, power usage no longer matters when searching for the brightness of a light. Thus, the user is now given lumens, instead of buying bulbs based on watts, which only measures how much power a bulb consumes.In traditional incandescent..
09 Oct The Form And Meaning Of Urban Lighting
levent 0 113
The Shape and Meaning of Urban LightingIn recent years, with the continuous improvement of the world's economic and social development level and the continuous expansion of the scale of urban construction, investments in urban infrastructure construction have also increased from year to year, and ur..
05 Oct How LED Floodlights Increase Efficiency and Safety on Construction Sites
levent 0 177
How Do LED Floodlights Increase Efficiency and Safety on Construction Sites and Construction Sites?Every year, hundreds of site workers are killed or injured by dangerous site conditions, inadequate lighting or a poor emergency plan. Appropriate lighting can be a life saver, as most of the construct..
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