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03 May Information About Daylight Sensors
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Information About Daylight SensorsDaylight sensors are sensors that regulate the brightness of the environment by automatically changing the brightness of the lighting fixtures by measuring the equivalent lighting intensity created by the electric lighting fixtures together with the daylight in the ..
28 Mar Amendment to the Unlicensed Electricity Regulation
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From the Energy Market Regulatory Authority:REGULATION ON AMENDING THE UNLICENSED ELECTRICITY GENERATION REGULATION IN THE ELECTRICITY MARKETTHURSDAY, March 2, 2023ARTICLE 1- The phrase “with the eighth paragraph of article 30” following the phrase “for the production facility site” in the fifteenth..
07 Mar Information About Solar Street Lights
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Information About Solar Street LightsSolar energy, one of the inexhaustible and renewable energy sources, effectively converts solar energy into electricity, greatly reducing people's energy costs and environmental crises. The worldwide energy crisis and rising electricity bills continue to increase..
08 Jan Soli Lighting SunGrow Series
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Soli Lighting SunGrow SeriesGreen leafy vegetables, root-based foods and fruits are garden products that provide the vitamins and minerals we need in daily life. Fruit and vegetable-based nutrition, which has proven effectiveness against various diseases, increases the interest and need for high-qua..
29 Dec Spatial Illuminance Levels
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Spatial Illuminance LevelsIt is through visual perception that people can see in a healthy way and notice their surroundings. Lighting has a great role in having a good field of view and seeing all the details of the work done. Proper lighting helps to minimize health complaints and accident factors..
19 Dec Procedures and Principles Regarding Led Lighting Measurements
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30 Nov Lighting Criteria in Industrial Environments
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Lighting Criteria in Industrial EnvironmentsIndustrial environments often involve extreme and harsh conditions. Lighting products to be used in these difficult conditions may encounter various difficulties while working. The standards of the lighting to be placed must be strictly observed. Critical ..
15 Nov Advantages of LED Lights in Cold Areas
Aziz 0 174
Advantages of LED Lights in Cold AreasIn recent years, LED technology has started to mature. The segmentation of LED lights continues to deepen and evolve. segmentation; It is a method that aims to create a strategy for the small market selected from these sections by dividing the market in which th..
04 Nov Basic Functions of LED Street Lighting System
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Basic Functions of LED Street Lighting SystemControl and management of LED lights can be realized using advanced, efficient, reliable wired or wireless communication technology. Smart LED lighting systems are complete and integrated systems. The street lights system can adjust the brightness accordi..
18 Oct Types of Sensors Used in LED Lighting
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Types of Sensors Used in LED LightingThe technology of the sensor, which is a device for signal acquisition and electromechanical conversion, is highly advanced. In recent years, sensor technology has made great strides towards miniaturization, intelligence, multifunctionality and low cost. Various ..
20 Sep How LED Street Lights Work
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How LED Street Lights WorkSolar energy is a renewable, clean and inexhaustible type of energy. Solar energy is the most preferred type of energy nowadays and in the future. With the widespread application of clean energy and the maturation of energy storage technology, the advantages and usage areas..
02 Sep Some Common Problems With LED Street Lights
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Some Common Problems With LED Street LightsRoad planning, which is an important part of urban infrastructure, not only requires a reasonable route design according to the entire layout of the area, but also needs a road lighting to facilitate people's night journeys. LED street lights have a very im..
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