Basic Functions of LED Street Lighting System

Control and management of LED lights can be realized using advanced, efficient, reliable wired or wireless communication technology. Smart LED lighting systems are complete and integrated systems. The street lights system can adjust the brightness according to the traffic flow, the lighting can be controlled remotely and prevents cable theft. Intelligent LED lighting saves the management level and maintenance cost, especially to the public.

Such an integrated system can significantly reduce urban infrastructure, construction, operation and maintenance costs. It can increase the efficiency of urban management and provide a good foundation for the construction of new smart cities. LED lighting is very important for the correct management of the regions of the cities and for the intensive use of urban resources.

Let's talk about some of the basic functions of the smart street lighting system;

- Its most basic function is to provide lighting. It should illuminate the area very well. If good lighting is not provided, negative consequences may arise for pedestrians and vehicles. Therefore, it is very important to use suitable area lights for lighting.

-People want to feel safe in open spaces. According to some studies, the more cameras or monitors there are in outdoor areas, the more secure people feel. These security devices placed in street lamps make people feel safe.

- Notice boards placed on lighting poles can be very useful. Large revenues can be obtained by advertising companies in the private or public sector.

Internet is now used everywhere. Thanks to an extensive WIFI network, people can now access the internet even in places where there is no coverage. Thanks to the signal stations attached to the street lighting poles, they can access the internet from anywhere at any time. It also enables us to communicate with our mobile phones thanks to communication base stations. Street lights can carry 4G/5G base stations for communication operators.

-Electric vehicles have become more common in recent years. There will always be a need for charging stations to be built for this. Street lighting poles can meet these charging systems that vehicles need to provide power.

It should not be forgotten that lighting poles do not only provide lighting. They also help provide security, communication and extra income.