Building Exterior Lighting Requirements

One of the most important purposes of architectural lighting is to beautify buildings after sunset. It is also to make the place and its surroundings more attractive and to make people feel as safe as possible. Night lighting is important not only for the beautiful appearance of the building, but also for safety.

The rapid and strong development of urban transformation, as well as the rise of LED energy-saving lighting, is very important in terms of product design and development for building facades. Especially landscape and building facade lighting has become very popular recently. These types of lamps are used for the architecture to show itself well and they can attract people's attention. In addition, people feel safe, which is a very positive situation for every person.

Architectural lighting is an important design concept. In terms of showing the historical and cultural characteristics and architectural artistic features of the city, architectural facade lighting not only adds brightness to your city, but also shows the architectural structures in an effective and beautiful way.

With the development of science and technology, people have begun to use the use of light in cities in a much more beautiful and beneficial way. The choice of light angle, light color and light intensity became much more enriched and varied.

LED lights are on these exteriors, for example; It is widely used to illuminate important places in the city such as buildings, gardens, monuments, banks, squares and statues. At the same time, lighting is very important for these places to become beautiful appearance and reliable points. Architectural aesthetics and reliability will decrease in choosing a wrong luminaire, so the right choices should be made.


A suitable LED projector for a building facade should meet the following three basic requirements;

1- It must be resistant to corrosion

Outdoor weather conditions vary. Snow, rain, hail, storm, humidity level, etc. natural events such as change the terms of use of your luminaire. Since the interiors will not be affected by these events, the luminaire options can be selected in different suitability. However, there are rules that must be observed indoors as well. For example, for the fixtures to be installed in a factory, the temperature in the interior, the work done, etc. such matters should be taken into account.

The corrosion resistance of LED luminaires to be placed outdoors in façade lighting should be as high as possible. For example, it is inconvenient to use fixtures with plastic shells. These plastics are sensitive to weather changes and may be easier to degrade. This causes damage to the installation over time and malfunctions may occur. It can also lower the IP rating of luminaires. This means extra cost for you, so the protection levels of the luminaires purchased should be high.

2-Adjustable Bracket

Every building has a different purpose, function, structure and style. It is not possible to design the same facade for every building. It means that the fixtures have adjustable brackets; It will make many details easier, such as the shape of the building, adjusting the correct angle of light to be reflected.

3-Energy Saving

Conventional lamps with high energy consumption should not be preferred. LED projectors; It is known for its high luminous efficiency, long life and environmental friendliness. LED floodlights can also be adjusted to the intensity of natural light to save energy. Therefore, if the building façade is to be illuminated, this should be done with LED fixtures.