Explosion Hazard of Lighting Fixtures in Industrial Areas

Industrial areas in general are demanding and dangerous. In industrial applications, it is critical to select suitable explosion proof lights as soon as hazardous areas are identified. Wrong decisions can cause serious ignition or explosion in the workplace. It may cause further injury to workers. However, it is very important to choose the right one among the lighting fixtures. We can maximize protection from danger and accident by applying lighting fixtures to designated hazardous locations. Lighting fixtures are susceptible to corrosion, water, impact, explosion, etc. It should be protected more and more carefully.

Hazardous locations such as paint spray booths, oil refineries and grain processing plants are at risk of fixture explosion due to explosive gases, flammable vapor, dust and fibers in the atmosphere. These applications often have limited entry and exit points. If an explosion occurs, it may cause serious damage and injury. Explosion proof lights should be used in such locations to increase safety and visibility. However, the industrial applications are large and each region has different conditions. It is very important to provide precise and appropriate protection for luminaires in different hazardous environments.

Explosion proof lights are luminaires that have the capacity to isolate the luminaires from combustible materials, prevent ignition and sparks. Explosion proof lights are generally used in hazardous locations, which refers to areas where there is a large amount of volatile or flammable gas, vapor, dust or fiber in the air. Common hazardous locations include paint booths, food processing plants, oil and gas refineries, fuel and chemical processing plants, etc. is found. Most explosion proof lights are equipped with rubber seals or covered with thick glass. Loose contact, wiring or excessive heat may cause explosion in aflammable environment. Explosion proof lights can prevent ignition or spark from the rugged housing.

Explosion proof lights play an important role in ensuring safety in hazardous applications. Safety refers not only to the safety of luminaires, but also to the safety of employees and the environment. The use of explosion proof lights in industrial areas effectively reduces the risk of explosion and ignition of luminaires. It also protects workers from injury. Explosion-proof lights are important for the safety of the entire working environment, as they will not react with the explosive environment.

The application of explosion proof lights provides adequate and safe lighting in a hazardous workplace. Adequate lighting is very important as hazardous workplaces present a high hazard. Adequate lighting increases employee visibility. The bright and clear working environment allows employees to distinguish the surrounding environment and incoming materials, preventing misoperation and accidents.

Using explosion proof lights in hazardous locations helps improve operational performance and productivity. The reliability of the lights will increase when the lighting fixtures are safe enough. Workers can concentrate on their work instead of worrying about unsafe light and explosive atmosphere. Better work performance and higher productivity are achieved when employees focus on their work.