Information About LED Solar Powered Projectors
LED solar floodlights provide a high amount of light in a large-scale area. Although this type of lighting is generally used outdoors, it can also be used indoors.
LED floodlights equipped with solar panels can generate and store energy during the day for use during the night. The higher the lumen value of the projectors, the brighter the luminaire will be. Lumen; The unit of light flux, which is the amount of light emanating from a source, is called. In fact, lumen is a measure of brightness. So what is the difference between lumens and watts? Lumen measures the brightness of a particular light source, while watt measures the amount of energy required to produce a certain level of brightness. The higher your wattage, the higher the electricity you spend, and this is reflected in your bills.
 History of Projectors
Projectors have a long history of use. The first applications were made for lighthouses. It found its place in the sports industry in 1978 with the first use of floodlights to illuminate a polo game. Over the years it has also become a staple product in stadiums and other sporting events. LED floodlights are key to hosting nighttime sporting events. It is extremely important in giving a crisp, bright and uniform appearance and is the most important element for high quality video and camera footage of the event.
Where Can You Use LED Solar Projectors?
LED Solar Projectors can be used anywhere with a wide range of applications from outdoor to indoor. Depends on the function and intended operation of the area where the projector will be used. For example; driveways, patios, gardens, pools, perimeter walls of areas such as home and garden, landscapes, streets, workplace sign units, stairs, garage entrances, emergency exits, large corridors, narrow entrances, etc. They can be used in many places such as
Widely Used LED Solar Floodlights
There are several types of projectors to choose from depending on your needs, ranging from an industrial application to a landscape installation. Now let's talk about these projector types;
Normal Projectors
This is the basic projector type equipped with solar panel and battery. Projectors are compact and widely available. Normal projectors usually have a lower lumen rating and therefore do not provide a high level of brightness. They also often operate for a limited time, which means they need a regular backup electricity supply to meet their energy needs.
Security Projectors
This type of projector is perfect for keeping thieves or wild animals away from your home. They reflect a blinding light. Security floodlights have motion sensors that immediately turn on the lights at the slightest movement detected. In addition to the security provided, a security floodlight is a good source of lighting for your patio, driveway, and backyard. It is also a cost-effective method of lighting as it only lights when needed. When equipped with a solar panel, this type of lighting also saves you money on your electricity bill.
Landscape Projectors
This type of projector is perfect for landscapes and can be easily fixed in the ground with its sharp pegs that can pierce the ground. It is often used by landscape designers to make the garden and landscape features look more elegant at night. Since they are generally used for aesthetic purposes, the LED bulbs used in these projectors can be selected in different colors.
Flagpole Projectors
Such floodlights illuminate a limited area, as they are small and only need to highlight the area closest to them. It is focused and fixed in one place.
What You Should Consider Before Buying LED Solar Powered Projector
You should definitely seek help from a professional before purchasing LED solar powered projectors. For example, because the lumen value is very important, the length and width of the place where you will install the projector are important. What should your sensor need be? Should it be mobile or stationary? Your neighbors should not be distracted by environmental factors. Accordingly, the angles of the projectors need to be adjusted. These are all technical information and as the solilamp family, we are always ready to serve you. We have no doubt that you will find the answer to your needs by contacting us.
Why Should You Use LED Solar Projectors?
Additional Safety Precautions and Ensure Your Safety
LED Solar Floodlights are very helpful to increase security around the house. By illuminating a large area, it prevents possible theft or wild animals from approaching your home. They can even be used as emergency lights when the power goes out.
Energy and Cost-Effective
Conventional lighting using halogen or incandescent bulbs can produce bright light and be less expensive than LEDs. However, the extremely high energy consumption is their disadvantage. LED lights greatly reduce energy use and provide a clear glow. LED bulbs also last longer than halogen and incandescent lamps. Since LED floodlights use solar energy, they do not require you to deal with problems such as electrical wiring, short circuits, high electricity bills, daily maintenance and blown fuses. This means LED floodlights need less maintenance and will lower your cost.
Can Be Installed Anywhere
Unlike standard lighting fixtures, solar floodlights are powered directly from the sun and do not need an electrical outlet to operate. LED solar floodlights are built to last for years under harsh conditions. It is also an advantage that they are resistant to harsh conditions such as snow, rain and storms. They are compact and wireless making installation very easy and fast. LED solar floodlights are environmentally friendly. They do not emit toxic chemicals and are built to last for many years.
In order to increase the safety of your family and everyone around you, it will always be to your advantage to install LED Solar Powered Projectors wherever they can be installed. A beautiful, safe and comfortable life first goes through good lighting.