Information About Stadium Lighting Poles

Many events can be held in the stadiums. Many events, from concerts to football matches, can be held in the stadium. Stadiums, which are cultural and entertainment events venues, are structures that are used more in the evening and the need for lighting is quite high. Stadiums are large and large structures. Therefore, they are illuminated with lighting systems suitable for large structures.

Stadium lighting poles are the most suitable form of lighting for stadium lighting. It has an important place in choosing this type of lighting that it offers clear vision. The viewing angle is the most important factor for the audience. Stadium lighting poles are powerful lighting fixtures. They are poles consisting of LED illuminators with high performance in terms of area size and visibility. The characteristics of these poles are different from other types of lighting.

Features of Stadium Lighting Poles

Strong performance is the first item in the specification list of stadium lighting poles. These poles are often used with projectors. Projectors illuminate the areas that the lighting poles cannot reach. The lighting of the middle areas of the stadiums should be done very meticulously.

The features of stadium lighting poles should be designed specifically for the general characteristics of the stadiums. It should be prepared with special orders. Clear illumination of the entire building is also important in terms of publishing. The quality of the light is important for the quality of the shooting while the events are reflected on the screens. Quality LED illuminated poles should be preferred. The poles that will minimize the lighting costs of the stadiums, which are quite large structures, should be selected. Measurement evaluations should be made for the economical lighting system. The height of the stadium poles should be designed to best illuminate the middle of the stadium.


How are the Features of Stadium Lighting Poles Determined?

Although the features of the stadium lighting poles differ according to the stadium features, they should basically comply with the standards. The reason for this is sports events held in stadiums. Sporting events are sometimes international competitions and sometimes domestic competitions. In this case, the light balance of each stadium must be done correctly. Sports lighting standards determine these features.

Features of stadium lighting poles should comply with sports lighting standards. The company that will carry out the lighting operations must comply with these standards. The lowest and highest illumination values ​​were determined according to these standards. Horizontal illumination values, vertical illumination values, clarity, color rendering should be made in accordance with these standards. It is obligatory for every company to create pillars between these values.