Lighting Criteria in Industrial Environments

Industrial environments often involve extreme and harsh conditions. Lighting products to be used in these difficult conditions may encounter various difficulties while working. The standards of the lighting to be placed must be strictly observed. Critical principles should be given importance to ensure that industrial workplaces are both bright and safe. Harsh industrial environments have different job tasks, machine types, and production purposes. Here are some characters of the harsh industrial environment;

-Many industrial environments have high ceilings and wide open spaces. If these environments are sensitive production areas or high-risk areas, these areas require special lighting solutions.

For such environments, luminaires must be able to withstand harsh conditions such as extreme temperatures, dust and humidity.

-Lighting products may be exposed to the working area of ​​mobile devices and heavy machinery.

-Hard industrial environments often contain precision instruments or equipment that can be affected by electrical interference from poor quality lighting fixtures and cause product failure. The electromagnetic signal wave caused by the operation of the machine may also cause uncertain effects on the lighting fixtures.

-High standards of cleanliness in some industries require that manufactured or manufactured products not be contaminated with broken parts or damaged lamp parts.

Industrial Lighting Application

Industrial lighting applications are divided into two as normal area lighting and special area lighting. In fact, this distinction is mainly based on the needs of the modes of production in those areas. Lighting application types include high-bay lighting and specialty lighting. For example, it is desirable to adopt high-bay lighting products in relation to large-area storage. Both high-split and linear high-split can be applied. To take full advantage of the vertical space, linear high-bay lamps should be preferred. Especially in some businesses, the characteristics of those places should be taken into account for special situations and the right products should be used together to mitigate the damage caused by environmental factors.


-High ceiling lighting products resistant to high temperatures should be preferred along with normal high ceiling lighting products in melting facilities.

-In chemical plants, anti-corrosion high ceiling lighting products should be preferred together with normal high ceiling lighting products.

-High ceiling lighting products with high IP rating, no exposed screws and toxic materials should be preferred along with normal high ceiling lighting products in food processing facilities.

Lack of light in the environment to be chosen can lead to dangerous conditions, and in excessive lighting, it can cause annoying glare and unnecessary costs. The light choices of the application environment vary from region to region. Therefore, it is impossible to make a single recommendation valid for all areas.

Lighting fixtures must be designed to withstand the harsh conditions of the industrial environment. The three most common factors are water, dust and corrosion resistant, good shock and vibration protection, and temperature protection mechanism. Not all environments need to consider these three factors. The lighting design should be combined with the real situation. Contact our professional sales managers to ensure that the fixtures work safely and efficiently in private areas. Let's choose the most suitable lighting fixtures for your space together.

Like other electronic devices, the lighting product can be rated with Ingress Protection (IP rating). A degree of protection IP65 or higher indicates that the lighting product is dust and water resistant, making it ideal for many industrial environments. The IP69K enclosure ensures that the lighting products are capable of withstanding the high-pressure water wash required in high-cleanliness environments such as the food processing plant, beverage factory and pharmaceutical manufacturing. In addition, lighting products need a solid structure to withstand the impacts and vibrations caused by heavy machinery. Because continuous vibration can shorten the life of the lamp.

IMPORTANT NOTE: IP69K is the highest point in the Ingress Protection rating scale. It demonstrates a very high level of protection against the ingress of liquids and solids into industrial devices.