The lighting industry has developed rapidly over the past few years. With major advances in technology, LED lighting is now considered the best alternative to traditional lighting such as incandescent and CFLs. They have now become ubiquitous products, thanks to their versatile, energy-efficient and environmentally friendly nature. It would not be wrong to say that LEDs are expected to change the lighting dynamics in almost all sectors, including healthcare, industrial and commercial sectors.

Let's take a look at some of the key technological trends that are likely to create countless opportunities in the lighting industry.

Human-centered lighting

Today's employee works about 8-10 hours every day. That's why it's vital to design workspaces that help increase employee productivity and well-being. Efficiency and human health are the heart and soul of Human Centric Lighting. It aims to create a working environment that is compatible with the body's internal biological clock, known as rhythm. Soli Lighting LED luminaires work in harmony with the natural lighting cycle of the world and can imitate sunlight in working areas and workplaces. This helps improve employee well-being, mood, concentration and productivity.

Contactless lighting

The main purpose of contactless lighting is to support the smart lighting ecosystem. Although this technology has been around for a while, people are just starting to adopt it. With its non-contact operation, it not only provides hygiene, but also provides ease of use, energy saving, sustainability, etc.

Solar Powered Lighting

The demand for energy saving is endless and continues to increase day by day. Also, the adoption of sunlight is expected to increase as more and more people turn to renewable energy. In 2018, the global solar lighting market was worth US$3,128.3 million and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 12.9% from 2019-2027. Solar outdoor lighting will meet the needs of customers at a lower cost, which is anticipated to drive the growth of the market.


Light fidelity (Li-fi) is a mobile wireless technology that uses light instead of radio frequencies to transmit data. It is much more efficient in terms of power consumption and cost. Because it uses LED lights for communication, it has the potential to double as normal lighting, reducing the power consumption of a LiFi network. Thus, it becomes much more efficient than existing technologies.

Also, Li-Fi powered LEDs are used as visible light emitters as they are much more effective for higher speed wireless lighting and networking.

Lighting has come a long way with the coming of time. From emitting just white light from a traditional light source or dull yellow light to completely changing the lighting concept now. Also, LEDs are replacing traditional light and will continue to do so at a faster rate, thanks to continuous technological advances in the lighting industry. You can visit our store to be a part of this change and switch to LED luminaires.