Parking Lot Lighting Considerations
Outdoor lighting has a very important place in ensuring the safety and security of drivers and pedestrians. Since most of the open car parks are large areas, they are usually mounted on poles. Of course, it should be said that each area has its own requirements and it is most appropriate to do it by taking them into account. Parking lot lighting should not tire the eyes and provide a comfortable view for drivers.
When lighting an open parking lot, you must first measure your parking space clearly. Then you should determine what is in the parking lot or what will happen as fixtures, except for lighting. After this process, you should decide how you will place your fixtures. You should make the most suitable placement for your car park, this can help you use the car park more efficiently and reduce your energy costs. More fixtures may be needed for very large parking lots. More luminaires do not mean a better lighting experience, but the lighting performance must also be taken into account.
When it comes to lighting performance, illuminance, color rendering index, associated color temperature, lighting distribution, and resistance to external environment should be considered. A very good lighting performance means that people feel safe. In the evening, people can clearly see what is going on around them.
While placing the luminaires, attention should be paid to elements such as signs, building facades and trees. Cars and people should not be left in the dark in the parking lot in the evening. It should always be bright so that people can easily find their vehicles and not face any danger.
The color rendering index reflects the actual color of the item. The closer the rendering index is to 100, the more natural the colors will appear. Asking for the highest rendering index will of course increase the cost, but a color rendering index of 70 and above will be sufficient for parking lots. The light that makes people feel most comfortable is natural white light.

Outdoor parking lot fixtures are exposed to sun, wind, rain, snowfall, very high or low temperatures for a long time. That's why outdoor parking fixtures must be of high quality and durable. It should also be resistant to dust, impact and corrosion.
IP (Ingress Protection) is an internationally accepted scale that indicates the degree of protection of electrical equipment enclosures against the ingress of foreign objects. The protection level is usually expressed by two numbers followed by IP. Numbers are used to indicate the level of protection.
Corrosion is caused by water, air, acid, alkali, salt, solvent etc. It is the process of loss and damage of objects (including metal and non-metal) under its influence. In order to prevent corrosion, it is necessary to isolate the LED light from hazardous materials and the environment.
In addition to the cost of purchasing fixtures, energy consumption, installation, replacement and maintenance payments are also critical for cost management. A more in-depth assessment of the total cost can help you save potential expenses. Energy saving of LED lighting is higher than other lighting types. The longer lifetime of the luminaires can also reduce the average energy cost. This means that energy waste can be reduced.
In order to provide sufficient lighting, luminaires are usually mounted on high poles in car parks. If there are previously used lighting poles in your parking lot, you should use them if possible during the renovation. Because the cost of lighting poles can be expensive. If you are building a parking lot from scratch, you may have to bear this cost.