Some Common Problems With LED Street Lights

Road planning, which is an important part of urban infrastructure, not only requires a reasonable route design according to the entire layout of the area, but also needs a road lighting to facilitate people's night journeys. LED street lights have a very important place for road lighting projects. The quality of street lights should be an important consideration when purchasing equipment. Low-quality street lights require frequent maintenance and replacement. This not only affects the safety of passersby, but also increases the burden of public expenditure on urban construction.

The street lighting project requires a large number of high quality led street lights to illuminate all kinds of roads in the city to ensure that all night activities can continue normally. LED street lights differ in price and quality. Consumers have to understand these issues and pay extra attention.

1) Exaggerated Product Parameter

There are occasional cases of product parameter exaggeration in order to attract consumers' attention and bring their products to the same market position. However, the reduced configuration is not sufficient to support the required lighting efficiency. It is very normal for buyers to get quotes from several companies for a better deal. But one of the negative trends is that it can also lead to unhealthy competition among vendors.

2) Using Fake Imported Chips and Driving Forces

The main components of the LED street light are the chips and driving forces that directly determine the performance of the lamp. For cost savings, some companies may assemble their products using fake imported chips and propulsion and sell these products at the same price as real branded products. As a result, product quality becomes low and customers suffer financial losses.

3) Importance of Wires Used in LEDs

Some LED manufacturers may try to replace poor quality products with quality products. It is known that the chemical stability of gold wires in LEDs will be better than silver and copper alloy wires. Although these alternatives are superior to gold wire in some properties, it is much better to use gold wire. These wires (silver and copper) are much less stable in terms of chemical stability. For example, silver alloy wires and gold-plated silver alloy wires are prone to corrosion by sulfur/chlorine/bromine. Copper wires are prone to oxidation and vulcanization. Because of these, when using these alternatives in LEDs, LEDs are more vulnerable to chemical corrosion. This will reduce the reliability of the light sources and cause the LED beads to fail more easily due to broken wires after a period of use.

4) Light Scatter Design and Weak Penetration Lens

In terms of optical design, the illumination effect is closely related to the light distribution design. If the light distribution is not designed reasonably, it will not have a good lighting effect. For manufacturers, these effects can be seen in early testing. In the complex market, information asymmetry is a greater threat to wholesalers, and the shopping trap caused by a lack of technological knowledge is also a major concern.

5) Poor Heat Dissipation Design

Due to the high brightness requirements and harsh usage environment of LED street lights, the heat dissipation feature faces a higher requirement. If it is insufficiently resolved, it will cause the LEDs to age faster and reduce stability.

6) Safety Issues of LED Street Lights

Security issues also deserve serious attention. For example, is the driving power of the road light leak proof? Is there a guarantee of the quality of street lamp ballasts? Is the cutter sensitivity controlled? Is the current range selected for tripping too large? Whether the waterproof rating meets the requirements of outdoor lighting? Is there a lightning protector? All these questions need to be answered and whatever is necessary for security needs to be done. In addition, since these situations may cause a short circuit due to excessive current in stormy weather, lighting failure may occur.

LED dimming is a common problem faced by lighting companies. Most materials in the luminaire are required to compensate for the impact on the service life of the LEDs.

The above problems have a great impact on the performance of LED street lights and cause premature failure of LED street lights. Both the producer and the consumer should be aware of these problems and should pay attention.

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