Tips on LED Tunnel Lights
Tunnel lighting is of great importance. In fact, we can also consider urban underpasses here. How and which standards will be chosen while making these lighting should be designed in favor of the drivers.
-How many LED tunnel lights to place
-Angle settings
-Length of the tunnel
-How many kilometers?
-The tunnel is straight or curved
All of the issues we have listed above are technical issues and must be calculated by engineers who are professionals. Engineers place LED tunnel lights in such a way that drivers can drive safely and minimize the risk of accidents. In addition, underpasses and tunnels that are not well lit can cause visual discomfort for bikers. Since they are looking from inside the helmet, they may feel an extra discomfort.
One of the most important things to consider when choosing lighting is its long working life. The longer the working life, the less cost will come to you. Frequent breakdowns are dangerous both for drivers and for your technical team. In places where such dangerous and accident risks are possible, please take all your precautions and start your work that way.
Lighting efficiency is also an important issue. At the basic brightness level, it should be as suitable as, for example, a construction site lighting. When it comes to higher lighting efficiency, it means less luminaire quantity and less project budget, and will also provide safer lighting.
The use of uniform lighting is an important element to consider. The more symmetrically the light spreads inside, the better the visual effect. Uniform lighting not only increases safety for drivers, but also significantly reduces the risk of accidents and has a significant impact.
Excessive and uncontrolled brightness should definitely not be. Glare from LED fixtures will create a bad driving environment for drivers and motorists will feel uncomfortable and nervous due to visual noise. Therefore, choose LED lighting fixtures with anti-glare feature. In this way, a clear view can be provided for drivers and bikers.
Please inquire what method they use to reduce glare when contacting your supplier. Thus, work with the company that offers you the best solution and make safe tunnel lighting for drivers.
We wish you safe and safe driving.