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 Lighting in accordance with the environment is extremely important for several reasons. The right lighting helps you get things done and complete tasks by ensuring you can always see what you're doing. It allows you to be aware of your surroundings and increases security. Best of all, it provides a more relaxed environment that will help you feel less stressed. But lighting fixtures are an electrical device and can be dangerous in some places. Leaking sparks can cause flammable gases and materials around them to ignite, so it is important to have explosion proof lighting. We have several luminaires that will provide you with lighting and at the same time ensure your safety. Our lighting solutions use powerful LED technology to create good lighting while minimizing risk. LEDs are more efficient and more powerful and have great performance that will also reduce your electricity bill. In addition, their durable construction ensures that they are perfectly safe in any environment. These options are housed in a very durable enclosure that not only makes them less of a hazard, but also keeps them protected from gas, spills and other elements of the environment and the environment from them. Manufactured to the highest construction and quality standards, these luminaires will operate at the required capacity for the toughest environments.

Each of these explosion proof luminaires is classified according to the areas for which it is most suitable. Contact us and get information to make sure you get the right product for the area you intend to work in.

Additional information
IP Class IP65 Cl
IK Class IK08
Electrical Details
Voltage AC220V
Lighting Performance
Power 185W
Lumen Value (lm) 18500
Color Temperature 5700K
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