The mining industry has improved its performance tremendously over the years. The main reason for this is the developing lighting technologies. Mining lighting made it possible to extract all kinds of minerals from the ground. Without mining lighting, it would be impossible for companies to work on large projects around the world. It made it possible to go deep under the earth's surface and to mine the deepest caves. No matter how deep the miners are, the lighting is bright enough to make the mines accessible to them.

The Importance of LED Lighting in Mines

If there's one thing that's been noticed over the years, it's the popularity of LED lighting in mines. Almost every major mine in the world uses LED lighting. There is no other lighting option compared to its capabilities. Anyone wishing to install a lighting system for their mines should read up on the benefits of LED lighting to make a decision.


One of the best things about LED lighting is that it's anti-flicker. This makes it an excellent option for mines. Because mines occasionally experience explosive activity, anti-vibration is a must-have feature for lighting. Therefore, it is quite logical to buy LED lighting for mines. There is no other lighting option that offers such a high level of anti-flicker. You may be surprised how much vibration the lights can withstand.

Also, when you use LED lighting, you don't have to worry about damaging the lighting due to its anti-vibration feature. The latest LED lights are extremely powerful and use the most innovative technology to offer great anti-flicker capabilities.

Long life

Another great thing about LED lighting for mining is that it offers a long lifetime. Because mining takes many years, it is very important that the lighting has a long life as lighting can be difficult to replace. LED lighting is a great option as it tends to offer much more durability than other options. In addition, you will save money as you will not need to change the lighting frequently. It is a convenience and functionality that cannot be ignored when working on a mining project.

Instant Lighting

In mines, LED lighting turns on instantly compared to metal halide lamps that need to preheat for minutes. It includes motion sensors that automatically detect when someone passes by and turn on instantly. This means that there is no need to turn the lighting off and on as it will turn on by itself. Also, the lighting will stay on as long as there is activity, otherwise it will turn off. This will allow you to benefit from significant cost savings. Once you know how much you'll save, you can really blame yourself for not opting for LED lighting much sooner later on. LED lighting is a solution that mines cannot live without. Since the lights will turn on by themselves, it is ensured that the miners focus on their work without wasting time with their lights.


LED lighting in mines is much more durable than metal halide lamps, which are easily damaged and become inoperable. LED luminaires with high durability and impact protection classes are resistant to all weather conditions, impacts and accidents as well as vibrations.


If there's one thing that everyone loves about LED lighting, it's that it saves energy. When you switch to LED lighting, you will notice that your electricity bill has been reduced by up to 70 percent. This makes it the ultimate option for mines. At the end of the day, cost is something you have to consider. That's why it's a good idea to use LED lighting in mines. Energy savings allow you to invest in the latest technology and increase your overall profit margin. You can significantly reduce your energy bills by switching to LED lighting.

Less Light Pollution

LED lighting tends to be highly energy efficient. This means less light pollution is released. Thus, you show that you care about the environment and protect it. Less light pollution will enable you to do your part to improve our environment. This is something that more and more companies are focusing on today and we all have to be sensitive about the environment.

Motion Sensor Option

In addition to the above advantages, LED lighting supports motion sensors. This means that the lighting will only turn on when it detects motion. If there is no one around the LED lighting, the lighting will turn off automatically. This will help you enjoy huge cost savings. It is also the most efficient way to operate a mine. Motion sensors are simply an invention, and the fact that LED lighting supports motion sensors shows how important it is to choose LED lighting.

Advantages of Soli Lighting Mining Projectors

When it comes to LED mining lamps, Soli Lighting is an important brand you should know more about. It has been operating under the subsidiaries of Depar Group since 1984. Our leading sectors are lighting, energy and chemicals for the automotive and construction industries. We export to more than 40 countries and serve millions of people worldwide. We undertake contracts at airports, ports, stadiums, construction projects, mines and military bases worldwide.

Life Up To 50,000 Hours

The best thing about Soli Lighting mine lights is that they offer a lifespan of up to 50,000 hours. When you convert 50,000 hours to days, you will realize how long time is. Soli Lighting mine lights last more than 5 years. You can easily expect them to continue working even after 5 years.
In addition to offering a lifetime of over 50,000 hours, you will benefit from mineral lights that offer continuous uniformity in light throughout their lifetime. Something really commendable about the lights. A lifetime of over 50,000 hours should be sufficient for the duration of the mining project. Therefore, Soli Lighting mineral lamps provide a one-time cost. Then you can enjoy the benefits of lights.

Use of Robust and Durable Cast Aluminum Material

Another advantage of choosing Soli Lighting mine lights is that they are made of durable aluminum casting material. It is a type of material that can withstand all weather conditions. Regardless of the weather conditions in the mining area, LED lights are designed to continue to illuminate the entire area with superior lighting.

Anti-Vibration Design

Soli Lighting mining lamps have an anti-vibration design. This means it can withstand explosions and many blows. Because mining projects involve a high degree of interactivity, you'll find that the lights are just what you need, thanks to their durability. Their anti-flicker design ensures that the lights continue to work even after major impacts. So work continues as usual.

High Luminous Efficiency

Soli Lighting mining lamps offer high luminous efficiency. This means that the dark problem of the mine site will be completely eliminated and the probability of an accident will be significantly reduced. High luminous efficiency is a quality that many brands cannot offer. Soli Lighting is dedicated to offering the best lighting options to its customers with optimum price, high-end materials and perfect mounting triangle.

Optional Beam Angle to Reduce Light Pollution

If you want to reduce light pollution, you can use the optional beam angle offered by Soli Lighting mine lights. It's up to you to choose the beam angle you find suitable. The lights have a variety of beam angle options to offer. You can choose the best one for your mining site.

IP66 Protection Rating and IK09 Impact Rating

Forget water or dust damage with Soli Lighting mine lights. The lights have an IP66 Protection Rating which makes them waterproof and dustproof. After installing the lights, you don't have to worry about fixtures that could fail due to water or dust. You can continue to use the lights regardless of water bursts or leaks. Thanks to its IK09 Impact Resistance class, it is much more resistant to undesirable accidents and impacts compared to metal halide lamps that explode and deteriorate.

5 Year Warranty

Finally, Soli Lighting mining lamps are guaranteed for 5 years. If anything happens during this time, you can contact the company for replacement or repair. This makes Soli Lighting the perfect company to acquire LED mining lights. The company is committed to ensuring that its customers' needs are perfectly met.

Mobile Lighting Towers

Soli Lighting designs advanced lighting technologies for many applications such as mining operations, construction sites, road works, special events, civil protection and military applications. Apart from LED projectors, we provide mobile lighting towers to international customers and partners, and we can offer a tailored solution for any need.


Please contact us for more information about our high mast, LED floodlights and mobile lighting towers and solutions for mining areas lighting systems.