The Shape and Meaning of Urban Lighting

In recent years, with the continuous improvement of the world's economic and social development level and the continuous expansion of the scale of urban construction, investments in urban infrastructure construction have also increased from year to year, and urban lighting has received unprecedented attention. Landscape lighting and road lighting projects are constantly displayed in front of the public.

The focus of urban lighting construction has gradually evolved from functional lighting for places such as public facilities and roads to urban landscape lighting. And high-quality urban lighting has become an efficient form of advertising, a beautiful city card.

With the implementation of urban lighting studies in recent years, the night views of many cities have become more beautiful, the image of the city has been greatly improved and has directly contributed to the development of the nightlife industry and tourism economy.

However, there are still many unsatisfactory aspects of urban lighting construction due to the late start of some urban lighting work, the lack of systematic research and sufficient professional and technical personnel. Issues such as the lack of urban features in the same design, the blind pursuit of brightness, and light pollution disturb people.

Therefore, it is necessary to realize the construction of urban lighting, to keep up with the speed of general city planning, to integrate with modern civilization, and to renew the traditional understanding of construction so that it can serve people better.

Urban lighting plan emphasizing urban features

Urban lighting is an essential part of urban infrastructure construction and is also a carrier for inheriting and promoting modern civilization in general urban planning. A good city lighting should not be done with a single beautification and illumination, but should avoid imitation and plagiarism, and should not repeat the mistakes of "a thousand cities, one hundred" in the construction of many cities.

According to the requirements of the general plan of the city, the special planning of urban lighting should be done well and included in the general plan of the city. Based on the planning characteristics and architectural style of a city, the focal point of the lighting construction is determined and the features of the city are highlighted.

Correctly consider the relationship between one body and the whole. It depends not only on the general plan of the city, but also on the architectural style of the city. In particular, the urban lighting zoning plan includes the city's road network, building groups, attraction centers, commercial areas, cultural event venues, etc. It is necessary to plan and determine according to the criteria and to clarify the basic lighting indicators of each functional area.

It is to increase the quality of scientific design and urban lighting system in a human-oriented manner, specially planned under the guidance of the urban lighting principle. Let the lighting systems turn into a riot of light that adorns the modern city and at the same time add beauty to the city's daylight, so that the main structure of the city and the lighting decoration are in harmony and truly reflect the desired image.

It is to increase the quality of scientific design and urban lighting system in a human-oriented manner, specially planned under the guidance of the urban lighting principle. Let the lighting systems turn into a riot of light that adorns the modern city and at the same time add beauty to the city's daylight, so that the main structure of the city and the lighting decoration are in harmony and truly reflect the desired image.

Purpose, insistence on human-oriented lighting

Today, because the purpose of some urban lighting projects is unclear, it is easy for them to become a project that ignores the feelings of the citizens, in which the state is active, but the citizens are indifferent, even opposed, violating.

With the improvement of living standards, people have higher requirements for lighting. Manufacturers and designers should not only meet people's visual needs, but also provide people with visual enjoyment, that is, designers should also enhance the artistic taste of lighting. A successful lighting project only happens when the general public feels good and comfortable.

For this reason, when designing urban lighting projects, we should start from reality and keep people in the foreground. Create a good lighting environment for people's night activities, and can fully reflect the urban natural and cultural landscape elements, highlight the characteristics of the city, take full advantage of the local conditions, and truly capture the harmony and unity of functionality and decoration.

Where the city, people and light converge, there is a demand for urban lighting. In addition, healthy, safe and energy-saving lighting has become a new development direction for urban lighting construction. The real appeal of successful urban lighting is that you can always discover how it serves the physical and mental health of all citizens and that the health of citizens should always be protected and become the primary objective.

Grasp the key points

The city night landscape lighting project is like the icing on the cake. Adjust measurements to local conditions and use modern lighting art methods wisely. Emphasize and exaggerate the advantages and features of objects thanks to the role of light. Give people a sense of beauty, three-dimensionality and modernity. Create a landscape that reflects the light and features of the city.

Landscape lighting should highlight key points. Lighting should focus on regional studies with different living characteristics and cultural atmosphere. We try to match the characteristics of the local landscape in the selection and supply of materials.

At the same time, manufacturers and engineers should pay attention to the combination of points and districts. Lighting should be properly matched. High standards and high starting points should be adhered to. It radiates and extends from the central area to the periphery, focusing on general lighting. When it comes to enlightening people, one should be good and determined in making choices.

In addition, when designing individual landscape lighting, night lighting should not be considered as bright. A successful landscape lighting design lies in contrast, not sheer brightness. The visual effect can be most satisfactory when the brightness contrast between the illuminated surface and the background is optimal. This contrast can be brightness contrast, color contrast, transform contrast, etc. includes.

Promote energy saving LED flood lights, pay attention to harmony with the environment

Urban lighting projects must take full account of the impact on the environment. Nowadays, some cities have too much lighting. They often use strong night lighting to create artificial daylight with fixtures. This is not only lacking in aesthetics, some even cause serious light pollution. Citizens living in the same environment, animals, plants, etc. It should not be used as it will affect the normal life of other living things. According to related research data, light will have a greater impact on people's physical conditions, mental activities and emotions. Especially for light color, spectral composition, ultraviolet radiation, flicker, light color, etc. conditions will affect people's physical and mental health.

This should catch the attention of urban lighting management departments and designers. In design, engineers must fully consider the requirements of lighting for human health. At the same time, the requirements for environmental and social development must be taken into account. At the same time, urban lighting should also consider energy savings.

Urban lighting serves urban development and cities need to create a sustainable development model. Therefore, urban lighting should also pursue lower energy consumption to achieve better results. We must take care to absorb international advanced technology, modern components and new ideas and encourage the use of solar-powered, energy-saving LED luminaire products.

Use high-tech, energy-efficient lighting devices. Gradually replace traditional low-efficiency luminaires with LEDs. Turn the project of using energy-efficient LED luminaires into an energy-saving project that benefits the country and people and supports sustainable development. Improve lighting quality and efficiency and reduce exhaust gas and waste residue emissions. Thus, we can reduce costs and protect the environment and resources.

Urban lighting project construction is an important image and brand project as well as a long-term construction project. However, we can make the night of the area that needs lighting and our city more colorful by making continuous improvements and innovations in practice.

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