Information About Racetrack Lighting

Racetracks are structures built for the competition of vehicles, athletes or animals. Racetracks can also be found in grandstands or halls. Racetracks are also used in the training of various competitive races or entertainment. Correct lighting of the racetracks is very important for the participants. Inadequate lighting can adversely affect the performance of participants. Therefore, it is necessary to select suitable lamps to provide suitable lighting effects for the track.

-Horse Track

If a thoroughbred horse with an average weight of 500 kg runs at maximum speed, the impact and destruction power will be very severe. For this reason, safety accidents that can lead to loss of life are very common on racetracks. Because of the high risk in horse racing, safety should be determined at the highest level for your design.

In order to achieve the purpose of preventing accidents, the principle of safety and scientific design should be followed at the early stage of lighting project design, to minimize the possibility of accidents caused by poor lighting design and eliminate hidden dangers.

-Car Race Track

Auto racing is one of the most extreme sports in the world. Car racing tracks are specially designed. It is a sport that requires 100% focus with its tracks, bends, straights and up/down ramps. Even more stringent requirements for lighting are required if night races are also involved.

Driver safety comes first. There should not be a situation that would put both the sport and the athlete at risk, such as glare and dazzling of the driver. In addition, the lighting level must meet the requirements of international television broadcasters. It is also very important that the people present as spectators feel comfortable and safe.

-Go Kart Racetrack

Go kart is a fun sport that every adult can do. This activity provides coordination of eyes, hands and feet and also requires precision and courage. For go-karts, which is a preferred track among sports events, the safety of the venue becomes very important, especially on the tracks that are open at night. LED light poles will guide you along the track on the outdoor go kart tracks. LED high ceiling lights are generally used to provide uniform illumination in large areas for indoor go kart tracks. If the lighting is insufficient on the tracks set up in the parking lot, absolutely necessary arrangements should be made and they should be opened to the service of the users.

-Bike Race Track

Road racing, mountain racing, track racing, etc. There are many types of bicycle races such as It has different difficulty levels such as turning, descending, climbing, swinging and sprinting which are challenging for the competitors.

For outdoor cycling track, track lighting should not be lower than the minimum lighting requirements. It is also necessary to ensure uniformity. It should be ensured that glare is reduced to the lowest levels, or even no glare at all. Glare in the eyes is a huge risk for athletes. Proper and uniform lighting can reduce the impact of light on athletes and maximize their potential.

The lighting layout and installation for the indoor bike hall should be combined with the unique shape of the space and the design of the track. The bike hall lights should be parallel to the racetrack rather than above the track, forming the inner and outer rings. The lamps must be perpendicular to the direction of movement of the driver. In the venue area off the track, led high lights are more than enough for the general gym, where an anti-reflective reflector should be used. In this way, while the effect on the lighting of the runway is reduced, it is also possible to illuminate the space outside the runway.

-Ski Race Track

It is important to note that the temperature of the ski area is lower than in the general environment. Therefore, when choosing lamps to illuminate these areas, the resistance of the lamps to low temperature should be considered as an important factor.