Information about solar power unit systems

As renewable energy, solar energy is among the most important resources of today and the future. The areas of use are increasing rapidly. If we give an example;

-Industrial areas

- Factories, Hotels, Hospitals

-Buildings, detached houses

-Cold storages

-Agriculture and livestock

-Fuel stations

-Parks and gardens

-Traffic and street lights

In fact, solar energy can be used wherever electricity is needed. In addition, the fact that it does not harm the nature makes this system even more attractive. solar energy system; It does not contain harmful substances such as gas, smoke, dust, carbon. If you have a solar energy system, it will be a plus for you. The first thing that should come to mind is that it is environmentally friendly. In addition, it will save you money on your electricity bills and you will not be affected by the increase in electricity, whether you have a grid-supported or off-grid solar energy system. Please note that there is an average of 5% to 12% increase in electricity per year in Turkey.

Although there is some efficiency difference in places that see the sun more or less, it is possible to benefit from this energy in mountain tops, plains and valleys. Solar power systems will power you regardless of the weather or the time of day.

Let's imagine that you are at home on a cold evening, watching TV while the washing machine and dishwasher are working, and suddenly your electricity is cut off. You don't have to sit in the dark or by candlelight. If you have a rooftop solar system with battery storage, fear not, you won't be without electricity.

Few benefits of solar storage system;

If you are using the known billing mechanism (private companies or public organizations that distribute electricity in your city), your electricity will probably be more expensive in the evening due to the high demand in the system. But with battery storage, you can use stored electricity throughout the day instead of relying on the mains. This is a big advantage of solar energy. In addition, if you live in an area where there are frequent power cuts, it is important and useful to have a solar power unit system. If you have a facility that can reach high storage rates or if you want to expand your storage business, you can sell the excess energy you store to the main grid (in some countries) and earn financial gain.
Solar powered power unit systems are becoming more important today for a healthier, more advantageous and more beautiful environment. Just like a car needs gasoline or diesel to run, this system only needs the sun to work, and the sun never asks for money from us. If you have this solar energy system in accordance with your financial means and the location of your home, it will make you much more comfortable financially. Especially if you have a detached house and if your house has a solar energy system, it will increase the value of your house above the market conditions.
Finally, as renewable energy systems increase in the following years, especially as their usage areas increase, they will provide a healthier life for us people in cities and towns without harming the nature.