Information About Spot Lights and Projectors

LED lightings can be used in street, lights, store, warehouse, parking lot etc. It is often used in applications such as A combination of different types of LED light can be used in the application to achieve a beautiful effect. LEDs, floodlights and spot lighting can be preferred for outdoor use due to their high efficiency.


The projectors, which have wide beam spread and high illumination intensity, have light spread between 45 degrees and 120 degrees. The projector light, which can be somewhat diffused, can cause shadows when illuminating objects. It can illuminate larger areas as a wide beam angle. The projector is mostly used in driveways, stadium, warehouse, sports fields, etc. used in larger areas.


The spotlight has narrow beam spread of less than 45 degrees. Most of the beam angle of the spotlight is no wider than 25 degrees. Therefore the spotlight is more intense than the floodlight and it is easier to control the specific lighting direction where you want it. Spotlight is often used for decorative lighting. Concentrated lighting accentuates the items on display and creates different atmospheres. Spotlights, which can be used both indoors and outdoors, can be used in garden, advertisement, exhibitions, fairs, sculpture, etc. can be used in areas such as

Differences Between Projector and Spotlight

The light from the projectors is diffused. The spotlight has a concentrated effect, so it can be directed more precisely. When the spotlight is turned on, it can focus on certain objects and eliminate glare.

Beam pattern, also called beam angle, is the main difference between floodlight and spotlight. It is the degree of width at which the light diffuses or scatters. It is the angle formed between opposite points of the beam axis where the intensity drops to 50% of the maximum intensity. The beam angle of the spotlight is narrow and its width is usually less than 45 degrees. The projector provides a wider beam angle of greater than 45 degrees and up to approximately 120 degrees.

Projector driveways, warehouse, sports fields, parking lots, etc. It is used to illuminate larger areas such as Spotlight can be used for displaying objects, advertisements, exhibitions, trade shows, sculptures, etc. Used to highlight small areas such as So the projector is suitable for the illumination of larger areas. Spotlight, on the other hand, is suitable for illuminating a specific point.

The choice of projector or spotlight depends on your needs. Whichever is necessary will be more useful to improve the lighting effect and increase visual interest. Each part of the place to be built has its own lighting requirements. Knowing the necessity of the application is very important for your choice. Determine which lighting you want and then choose the right luminaire for your application.