Information About Store Lighting

Lighting in stores is divided into four main categories. These are accent lighting, task lighting, decorative lighting and general lighting.

When it comes to lighting, bulb options such as Halogen, fluorescent and LED come to mind. You can beautify your store with the right lighting, the right bulb and the right fixtures.

The Importance of Lighting for Your Business

Lighting is very important for businesses and is a sensitive issue. Store lighting is an essential component in encouraging your customers to buy and feel at home in your store. The right shop lighting is much more than just lighting your product area. It sets the mood and atmosphere, guides shoppers to key areas, and provides the backdrop for a good customer experience. Your store lighting provides a preview of how your customers will feel when they walk through the door.

accent lighting

Accent lighting is used to highlight certain products, certain areas, displays and decors in your store. Accent lighting is used to make your products more special and more distinctive for sale on the shelves and showcase in your store. Accent lighting makes your shop windows and featured products more noticeable to your customers. Accent lighting can be installed behind display cases as backlighting and can also be used to illuminate corners in your store.

Mission Lighting

Task lighting is focused lighting used to illuminate areas where more light is needed for certain tasks or purposes. Store entrances, payment points, changing rooms, offices and stock areas are all illuminated by task lighting.

decorative lighting

Decorative lighting is special lighting used to beautify stores. Chandeliers, pendant fixtures and specially designed lighting are decorative lighting. They provide a beautiful and aesthetic appearance by being placed in the appropriate and most interesting places of your store.

General (Ambient) Lighting

Lighting, also called general or ambient lighting, is the main light source of your store. Ambient lighting fills the gaps between the lights used to highlight the cabinet, corners, aisles and shelves. The purpose of general store lighting is to make customers feel comfortable in stores and to provide enough light to navigate the entire store safely.

Lighting is achieved by using a variety of bulbs in strategically placed fixtures to illuminate certain areas of your store. If the right lighting is not done and the right bulbs are not chosen, your area may be under too much light or too dark. This causes your customers to feel uncomfortable inside your store. Incorrect lighting may shine on your products in a way that causes misfires.

Retail stores choose LED lighting for most of their lighting applications. LED technology has grown tremendously in recent years and you can use long-lasting LEDs for a wide variety of environmental, task and accent lighting. LEDs fit most lighting needs and are the type of bulb that will save you the most on energy costs in the long run.