LED — The Fourth Revolution in Area and Landscape Lighting History

“Landscape lighting” always reminds people of the colorful city and the colorful clouds above the bright lights. LED is the fourth revolution in human lighting history. LED is a kind of luminous semiconductor element, which is considered one of the most promising high-tech products of the 21st century. While triggering the lighting revolution, it also made significant contributions to energy saving, emission reduction and environmental protection. With the strong promotion of countries all over the world and the global industrial level transfer, the landscape lighting of the future will be a generation of LED dance.

Why Landscape Lighting Adopts LED Lights?

LED lighting has great energy saving effect

The power of a single LED is only 0.03 – 1 W, and the driving voltage is low (1.5-3.5v) and the current is small (15-18ma). When the same lighting effect occurs, the power consumption is only 1/8 of incandescent lamps and 1/2 of fluorescent lamps. It can be seen that the use of LED light source instead of ordinary lamp and fluorescent lamp for landscape lighting with large power consumption, the energy-saving effect is very obvious and has strong market competitiveness.

In addition, the service life of LED light source is 100 times that of incandescent lamp and 20-30 times of fluorescent lamp, avoiding the trouble of frequent maintenance. Combined with its rich colors and good controllability, it can be used for urban landscape lighting.

Now LEDs are replacing traditional light sources with a 50% growth rate. It will trigger the fourth revolution in the history of human lighting, greatly improve the human living environment, and alleviate the increasingly severe global energy crisis.

Light source structure of LED

The light source is coated with a small volume of epoxy resin, which can adapt to various geometric dimensions and different space sizes. The LED light source is a solid light source that is not inflated and has no gas tightness problems. Glass enclosure is not required. Impact resistance, vibration resistance, not easy to break. This determines that the lamp intensity and hardness is lower than other electric light sources. Also, LED is a cool light source with good controllability and fast response time. We can open and close it repeatedly and frequently without getting tired.

LED light source is rich in color

The color is pure and rich, and it can enhance any color better than the colored metal halide lamp. Its decoration is unique. The thinness of the LED light source makes it flexible and can create various shapes such as dots, lines, surfaces and balls. According to the purpose of landscape lighting decoration and beautification, the LED light source can be transformed into suitable points, lines, surfaces, balls and other forms by intelligent control technology. Included: flicker control suitable for creating "dots and lines". Dynamic change (skip) control is suitable for creating longitudinal and transverse dynamic changes of patterns. The above changes can also generate the rotational motion of the sphere. It can also realize single lamp control and group lamp control.

LEDs Have Disadvantages

LED is more “sensitive”. It needs supporting solutions like excellent heat dissipation and constant current driver. If not used properly, it is prone to light malfunction and even dead light.

A single LED is low in power. Multiple LEDs must be used in parallel to achieve high power.

The LED color rendering index will be lowered to ensure high luminous efficiency. The color displayed under LED lighting is not as real as that of an incandescent lamp. Experts should analyze it from the spectral distribution that belongs to the technical problem.

Optimization Design of LED Landscape Lighting

LED landscape lighting needs engineers and designers to turn stone into gold.

Although LED is good and has an obvious function in landscape lighting, landscape lighting is not a simple technical parameter. Landscape lighting, as a new carrier of the city's taste and promotion, should be a perfect combination of art and technology.

Among them, technology is fundamental and this art needs the support of technology. Art is the perfect extension on the basis of perfect technology. It is like a beautiful flower on a strong plant.

In the process of LED landscape lighting design and installation, engineers and designers should also pay attention to the following points:

The purpose of landscape lighting is to coordinate landscape lighting with the landscape, adapt to landscape conditions and architectural features, and reach a new level in beautifying the environment.

We must also pay attention to humanization and intelligence. People around the world can only enliven the art of landscape lighting through light and illumination.

Problems of LED lamps in landscape lighting

The design of LED lamps used in landscape lighting should be flexible, beautifying during the day and artistic lighting at night.

Landscape lighting of the future has to break out of the simple routine of hanging out and running. Combined with the advantages of LED, it offers high quality and quality lighting projects and products.

For example, people use LED lamps to outline the building or place LED lamps on the building facade and combine them into patterns through light emitting electricity. Or buildings or components etc. small LED projection lamps are used to illuminate the local façade.

For the lighting method that outlines the building or adorns the building facade through the brightness and position of the illuminator itself, in addition to considering whether the volume and style of the building as the illuminated object is suitable for this lighting method, the brightness of the lamp should also maintain a certain relationship with the surface gloss of the illuminated object.

In other words, in addition to allowing people to see patterns of bright LED lamps, the viewer must also grasp the overall shape of the building, rather than letting some isolated bright lines or points of light inexplicably or mechanically float through the air.

Brightness and lighting direction of LED lights

While creating the night view through the brightness and pattern of the illuminator installed in the building, we should pay attention to controlling the surface brightness of the lamps and the relationship between the lighting direction of the lamps and the viewer's line of sight. Because the architectural nightscape belongs to the scale category of urban streets, people will watch it from many positions and directions. In other words, there will be a lot of sight distance and line of sight sight direction. Therefore, it is necessary to consider the lamp design and lamp installation comprehensively so that the lamp made from a very intense beam LED light source can provide a satisfactory view at various angles and distances. Therefore, it is very necessary for the landscape lighting project to do the lighting effect test before the official implementation of the project.

Economic demonstration of LED lighting

When LED products are used in landscape lighting engineering, the relevant economic demonstration will also be made. Considering advanced technology and reliability, construction cost, maintenance management and other related issues, we will improve the reliability of lamps and lanterns.

Although LED lighting technology is becoming more and more mature, heat dissipation and waterproofing are still key issues that need special attention. If possible, we will demonstrate and analyze the relevant test results in a report form as an integral part of the design scheme.

In order for the project to be carried out smoothly, the relevant experts and academicians should also put forward practical opinions and suggestions about the use of LED light source in lighting engineering, the standards and specifications to be followed, and the evaluation method of the lighting effect.

In short, LED landscape lighting is the perfect combination of technology and art. Lighting engineers and lighting designers should work together to start from the design concept and creativity and develop the technical scheme, so that each LED landscape lighting can become a beautiful sight in the city. We have to make the landscape lighting design perfect and active.

How to Make High Quality LED Landscape Lighting?

LED in landscape lighting has more unique advantages. Scientists around the world believe that on the path of interdisciplinary integration, LED landscape lamps will develop rapidly in line with art, intelligence and flexibility. LED is pregnant with unlimited business opportunities. Some inherent advantages of LED are the main driving force for the rapid development of LED landscape lighting. LED application developers need to maintain close contact with customers and upstream and downstream industries to make joint efforts to promote the implementation of high-quality products and projects. It mainly includes the following:

The development of high-power LEDs should continue.

LED lamps must have compact modular power supply design.

The LED power supply is different from the traditional light source, which uses low voltage DC. At present, the high-efficiency DC power supply is immature, and the low-efficiency power supply system greatly reduces the energy-saving level of the LED.

We should strive to eliminate the dot-to-dot and uneven color mixing of the LED planar light source.

LED application in landscape lighting has incomparable advantages. Soft light, bright colors, easy to realize dynamic digital control, energy saving and environmental protection are important reasons to replace traditional landscape lighting lamps in the future. Therefore, we should strengthen the promotion of LED and raise the level of LED selection and use.

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