Lighting Poles and Luminaire Selection in Sports Fields

As a part of municipal transportation facilities, road lighting plays a very important role in increasing transportation efficiency, illuminating inner city roads, beautifying the night view of the city and improving the image of the city. Contractors who will implement road lighting and sports field lighting systems in the sports fields area bear more responsibility. In addition to meeting the relevant international standards and meeting the requirements of society and traffic safety, the road lighting system is also responsible for the mission of the organizers of sports competitions, the mission of spreading this concept and advancing the spirit of sports.

Principles of Road and Field Lighting Systems Around Sports Fields We Adopt as Soli Lighting

with Green Energy

We consider environmental protection as the primary condition for the planning and construction of sports facilities and formulate strict ecological environmental standards and a systematic guarantee system. We make extensive use of environmental protection technologies and methods to promote environmental management, urban and rural beautification, and the large-scale and multifaceted development of environmental protection industries. It is among our aims to strengthen the environmental awareness of the whole society, to encourage the people to consciously choose green energy consumption, to actively participate in various activities to improve the ecological environment, to greatly improve the quality of the urban environment and to build a livable city.

High and Latest Technology Products

We integrate the latest developments in world science and technology closely into practices and closely follow national, scientific and technological innovation achievements. We develop the city's scientific and technological innovation capabilities, promote the industrialization of high-tech achievements and their widespread application in people's lives, and make sports competitions a window for society to showcase new technological achievements and innovative power.

People Oriented Projects

Spreading the idea of ​​doing sports, showing the magnificent culture of our country, showing the historical and cultural characteristics of the city and the good spirit of the citizens are among our main goals in the sports field lighting systems contracts we undertake. We promote cultural exchange between countries and deepen understanding and friendship among the peoples of all countries, and promote the harmonious development between man and nature, the individual and society, and the human spirit and physique. We emphasize "people-oriented" thinking, provide high-quality services for both athletes and spectators, and create a natural and humane environment that delights sporting event participants.

Lamp and Luminaire Selection

There are many factors to consider when deciding whether a lamp is suitable for the way it will be designed. First of all, the optical performance of the luminaire, secondly the installation and maintenance performance of the luminaire, and the material and cost of the luminaire should be taken into consideration. In addition, the appearance of the luminaire is also a factor that is often considered.

Each road lighting fixture has its optical efficiency, light distribution (light distribution curve), light attenuation (utility coefficient), etc. It has unique optical properties, including When evaluating the optical performance of a luminaire, the luminaire's efficiency is closely related to: efficiency of the reflector in the luminaire used together. The efficiency of the reflector depends on the design of the reflector, its material properties, production technology, etc. connected and must match the light source exactly.

The common material of reflector is aluminum plate. After aluminum is formed, electrolytic polishing and anode oxidation treatment (a mechanical polishing treatment is added when requirements are higher) is required to improve its reflection coefficient, corrosion resistance, wear resistance and erasability. Sometimes to improve reflector performance, high purity aluminum (99.8% or more aluminum purity) can be used to make the reflector, but it is relatively soft. A layer of ordinary aluminum is sometimes coated on high-purity aluminum to increase its strength. Currently, high-purity aluminum is rarely used to make reflectors in Asia, but is very common in Europe.

In addition to aluminum, a layer of aluminum can be coated on glass fiber reinforced plastic, plastic or other metals as a reflector, but it is not economical. Aluminized FRP is rarely used as a reflector.

Currently, the translucent covers of traditional street lamps are mostly made of heat-resistant plexiglass. It was chosen because it has the following features:

Good light transmission performance,

Does not tend to change color under the influence of the sun or ultraviolet radiation of the lamp,

Good chemical resistance,

It has reasonable impact resistance.

The translucent cover of LED projectors mostly uses toughened glass, because the power of the light source generally used in projectors is relatively large, the size of the lamp is limited, the light is generally too intense, the temperature of the inner surface of the cover is high, and organic glass generally cannot withstand it. Therefore, only tempered glass with good heat resistance can be used. Another feature of tempered glass is that it is not easy for the pieces formed when broken to harm people.

Glass is also used as a translucent cover for LED projectors. Its advantage is that it is cheap and does not change color, while its disadvantage is that it is heavy and easy to break. In some places, polycarbonate can also be used as a light-transmitting cover. Its biggest advantage is high mechanical strength and good heat resistance. The disadvantage is that under the influence of ultraviolet radiation it changes color, the price is high, and the light transmittance is low.

In order to seal the fixture well and achieve a higher level of dust and water resistance, the contact surface of the shell and the translucent cover should not have obvious gaps, and also be manufactured with a good quality (good flexibility and not easy to aging) sealing rubber ring. must be done. In addition, the connecting buckle (clasp) between the translucent cover and the shell is also very important, and its quality directly affects the sealing performance of the lamp.

Thanks to the projects drawn by computer and comprehensive evaluations, it is necessary to choose the most suitable light source in order to adapt to the characteristics of different roads and sports fields and the width of the area to be illuminated. This requires lamps to be able to cooperate with more types of light source power and power while maintaining a uniform appearance.

The lamps selected are mature and reliable products, and must be a replacement series that can meet the needs of different roads.

Lamp selection requirements: All lamps used for road lighting in the Olympic central area use dimming products to reduce glare.

Light Pole Selection

Sports competitions are one of the biggest events in the world. The choice of lamp post shape should be an abstract, comprehensive and international aesthetic, a mixture of aesthetics of various nations, rather than just one country's own aesthetic. We can add some of our own elements to the details, but the overall style should be concise and generous, abstract, simple, dynamic and youthful, modern and cultural, and fully integrate with the environment and highlight the dynamism theme of sports. The lamp shape should be coordinated and consistent. It should show the enthusiasm and courage of the competition to be held, as well as the seriousness, stability and introspection in the traditional culture of the host country where the competition will be held. Only in this way can it reflect the cultural connotation of our culture, and even of the humanistic concept of sport that costs the world.

The main road and secondary street lighting lamps are light pillars that not only reflect the modern atmosphere and sense of movement, but also embody the stability of the country's traditional culture. The abstraction according to the characteristics of the surrounding buildings fully integrates it with the environment.

According to the structural features of the stadium, it is not recommended to choose a very complex lamp-shaped structure. To match the shape of the stadium, the main choice should be a simple and distinctive lamp-shaped structure that is compatible with the surrounding landscape and can reflect the characteristics of the sport being played.

According to the comparison of the characteristics of lighting poles made of different materials, aluminum alloy lighting is more suitable for use in sports fields. The aluminum alloy pole has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, high strength, light weight, good ductility, good surface coloring effect and high color fastness, but the height of the aluminum alloy pole can reach a certain height. Street lighting poles over 10 meters are called high lighting poles. Tall lampposts are currently at their highest technical level. The finished main bar has small and very smooth opening gaps, high quality steel, high strength and material saving.

Carrier Function of Lighting Poles

While performing the function of street lamp lighting, it can also be the carrier of add-ons such as external signal lamps of other public and private institutions.

In addition to hanging signs and decorations, you can also install signal lights and camera security monitoring equipment. This reduces the impact on the overall beauty of the environment due to the high installation of security monitoring and other add-ons, and increases the monitoring capability of the security system, thus ensuring the safety of the periphery of roads and sports fields.