Soli Lighting SunGrow Series

Green leafy vegetables, root-based foods and fruits are garden products that provide the vitamins and minerals we need in daily life. Fruit and vegetable-based nutrition, which has proven effectiveness against various diseases, increases the interest and need for high-quality foods. Recent studies have proven the effects of light quality on fruit and vegetable production, and it has been determined that the spectrum of light affects the shelf life, antioxidant content, appearance and production time of the plant.

In order to get more efficiency, photosynthesis in plants needs to be optimized and traditional lighting is insufficient to provide photons in environments where plants need photosynthesis. Soli Lighting provides the following advantages with the SunGrow Series, which is a series that can meet the required PPF values used by plants for growth and vital activities;

-Optimized spectrum for intense photosynthesis.

-High growth efficiency and energy saving as all photons will be used by the plant.

-More yields, better quality crops and consistent growth thanks to uniform light output and even photon distribution.

-LED variety that provides project-specific design freedom. (2835, 3535, 2020)

-Optimized optical design for directional applications.


You can use the following products of SOLi Lighting SunGrow LED Series with deep red, far red, royal blue, lime, white, purple color variations for your project.

SOLI SunGrow 2835: We can use this series when the distance between the plant and the lighting fixture is very short, mostly in vertical farming and nested applications. It increases growth rate and productivity without burning the plant, and provides consistent growth with uniform lighting. It also improves taste, odor and crop quality.

SOLI SunGrow 2020: When the distance between the plant and the luminaire is large, a directional LED with a high PPF output should be used to reach the vegetation. This LED can be used by making a design that provides the necessary spectrum for the development of the plant.

SOLI SUNGROW HORTIKULTUR PURPLE COB: We can use COB if the distance between the plant and the lighting is large and we need to get a high amount of PPF from a single light source.

In addition, SOLI provides you with references with large-scale projects at the global level. You can contact us if you have questions and requests about the required documents and market information for your lighting fixtures.