Spatial Illuminance Levels

It is through visual perception that people can see in a healthy way and notice their surroundings. Lighting has a great role in having a good field of view and seeing all the details of the work done. Proper lighting helps to minimize health complaints and accident factors that may occur due to lighting. Suitable lighting, especially for people working in sectors with a high risk of accidents, increases the risk perception for the employee and reduces the possibility of an accident when risks can be perceived visually. In many national and international studies, it has been determined that the share of lighting in preventing occupational accidents is quite high, but it is a fact that sufficient lighting is still not provided in some workplaces.

Lighting is the most important factor affecting one's eyesight. The importance of lighting comes to the fore when it is considered that 80-90% of a person's perception is realized by the sense of sight. In order for a person to be able to notice the dangers and not have an accident due to visual insufficiency, the lighting values in the workplaces must meet the minimum levels determined in the standards. As the level of illumination in the environment increases, the person will be able to see the fine details of the work he is dealing with more easily.

Occupational accidents may occur due to many reasons, but it should be known that adequate lighting will contribute to the prevention of many occupational accidents. It is noted that the majority of the accidents occur in areas with low light levels and the most common lighting-related accidents are tripping, slipping or falling accidents. Regardless of home, office, workplace or factory, if the lighting system is designed correctly, it will be very useful. Now let's look at the benefits of correct lighting together;

- If there is a correct lighting system in industrial facilities, unnecessary lighting costs will be avoided. In addition, adequate lighting during night shifts is very important for employees. It means a suitable working environment with sufficient lighting.

-Lighting conditions are very important for the eye health of every person. Insufficient lighting can cause a decrease in the eyesight. Eye strain can cause watering in the eyes, and it can also cause health problems such as headaches. Eye strain symptoms may vary from person to person, but; Headache, blurred vision, dry eye, tearing, eye irritation, eye itching are common symptoms.

-Adequate and good lighting increases the eyesight of the eye. It covers criteria such as the eye's ability to see, contrast and shape sensitivity, and detection speed. Bringing these criteria to optimal levels is provided by good lighting conditions.

-Good lighting conditions are thought to have positive effects on people in terms of psychological and motivation. Good lighting plays an important role in increasing work efficiency. In addition, good lighting is important to see the small details in the work.

- Thanks to well-planned lighting systems in factories, workplaces and industrial facilities, lighting can be distributed correctly and properly. Accurate and adequate lighting makes all kinds of dangerous sources more visible in such businesses and reduces accidents. Accidents that may occur as a result of negativities such as momentary blindness and eye fatigue that people may experience due to disproportionate lighting conditions will be prevented.

-The biggest advantage of good lighting in outdoor environments is safety. It minimizes the occurrence of negative events such as extortion and theft and provides a safer environment for people.

Good lighting, indoors or outdoors, increases the living comfort of people.