Use of LED Lighting in Gas Stations

Gas stations are very dangerous places because they have a large amount of fuel. Gas stations should be well lit in the evening. This is very important for both drivers and gas station workers. Since gas stations sell not only fuel but also food and beverage, the right lighting will make the station look beautiful and every person who comes to it will feel safe. In places where the lighting is not good, people feel bad and want to leave the place as soon as possible.

As we all know, there are various regulations at gas stations to prevent danger. Most gas stations use LED canopy lights. We are familiar with LED lights in our daily life. LED canopy lights are typically designed for gas stations to illuminate the area under the canopy with the capacity to provide suitable lighting, long lasting time and low energy consumption.

LED canopy lights are usually attached to the ceiling of the structure in surface, pedant or flush mounted ways. They are suitable for both exterior and interior spaces such as gas stations and parking lots. In such lights, the LEDs are hidden under the canopy of the luminaires. Glare is reduced as people cannot see the LED light source directly. The lens is also used to focus or diffuse lighting to minimize glare and intrusion. LED canopy lights illuminate the area below them with adequate but not excessive illumination. In addition, LED canopy lamps have low energy consumption, long service life and easy maintenance.

Purpose of Gas Station Lighting

The reason for using LED canopy lights is not only related to their features, but also to the purpose of gas station lighting. The main purpose of gas station lighting is to make consumers feel safe. It is also necessary to use adequate lighting and a cost-effective, energy-efficient lighting system.

The biggest purpose of the consumers entering the gas station is to buy fuel for their vehicles. However, they do not want to enter a dark, light and unsafe environment. That's why signage and in-station lighting is an important consideration for consumers. A safe, bright and welcoming atmosphere is more likely to increase consumers' tendency to approach gas stations.


Lighting is important for station workers to perform their duties correctly. Employees can see the approaching vehicle and make correct directions. In addition, it allows drivers to see dangers such as columns and bumps and approach the vehicle accordingly, without harming the employees. It is much easier to do things like money exchange or card withdrawal in a station with proper lighting.

Economic Lighting System

Fuel stations are operated to make a profit. One of the ways to increase profits is to reduce total cost. Choose luminaires that are long-lasting and low-maintenance so you can save money. A simple installation also saves labor cost. Fixture accessories should be easy to purchase and replace. LED canopy lights meet these requirements.

Appropriate Lighting Distribution

The primary focus of lighting is the fueling area of ​​gas stations. Other parts of gas stations have lower lighting requirements. LED canopy lights are equipped with a narrower beam angle of approximately 60 to 90 degrees to focus the light downwards to illuminate fuel pumps, vehicles and pillars. This type of lighting avoids unnecessary lighting and waste of light for other areas. Focused lighting can also highlight fuel pumps and focus the consumer's attention on the fueling area.