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Philips Led Lithium Battery Solar Lamp (AO) 80W

Philips Led Lithium Battery Solar Lamp (AO) 80W
Philips Led Lithium Battery Solar Lamp (AO) 80W
Philips Led Lithium Battery Solar Lamp (AO) 80W
Philips Led Lithium Battery Solar Lamp (AO) 80W

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Philips Led Lithium Battery Solar Lamp (AO) 80W
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  • Model: SOLi480KP

 Trying to see at night can be difficult. Having streetlights can help you navigate your front porch and entryway at night and provide extra lighting to the entire exterior of your home. However, normal streetlights use large amounts of electricity, which increases energy bills. Using solar energy during the day to power a street light can both save money and help the environment.

Solar panels installed in solar street lights charge a battery that powers the light. Most solar street lights turn on and off automatically, thanks to motion sensors that detect sunlight or its lack. They are designed to run all night and require very little maintenance compared to a typical street light. On top of that, no wires are exposed, so the risk of any accidents or breakdowns due to adverse weather conditions is reduced.

Solar street lights and other solar energy products have grown in popularity in recent years. Unlike traditional light sources, solar powered lights do not harm the environment. This is the reason why many people are switching to this technology for their lighting needs. Also, solar powered lights are not dependent on electricity providers. So you get rid of heavy electricity bills.

Solar street lights pose no threat to the environment and people. It does not cause fire due to the absence of electrical cables. In addition, accidents such as overheating and electric shock will never occur. They emit lower amounts of carbon than conventional lights, making them environmentally friendly. The main advantage of solar street lights is that they use renewable energy from the sun, whereas conventional lights rely on electricity produced from non-renewable fossil fuels and are limited to power outages.

Additional information
IP Class IP65 Cl
IK Class IK08
Electrical Details
Voltage DC12-24V
Lighting Performance
Power 80W
Lumen Value (lm) 8000
Color Temperature 4000-7000K
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