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SOLI 30W Amorph Solar Street Light

Product Code: SOLI-730A

30W Decorative Street Light with high illuminance and flexible amorphous silicon solar panel.

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SOLI-730A  Amorph Solar Street Light 30W

  • Product scopes

    It has been widely used in gardens, squares, residential areas and urban & rural roads, etc.
  • Products advantages

    TP-Solar Flexible Amorphous Silicon Solar Panel: the lifespan is longer than 15 years.

    Battery: Rechargeable Maintenance Free Battery.

    Light Source: LED characterized by high luminous efficacy, high brightness, low depreciation, long life, etc.

    Controller: Remote Control, Light Control, Time Control, Anti-overdischarge and Short-circuit Resistance.

    Pole: Superb carbon steel pole coated with hot-dip zinc and static apray treatment, anti-salted, anti-acid, weather and rust resistant.

    Intelligent Controller: Remote Centralized Control Monitoring (Option) and Smart Handheld Remote Controller that reads and sets up the work time, work style, brightness of main&decorating light to control the run of light on the spot. Moreover, it shows the voltage and current of solar panel and battery.

    Work Time: Light Control Automatically. The main LED light turns on at dark in full brightness firstly and 4 hours later, it works semi-bright at next dawn automotically. It works 5~7 cloudy and rainny days.

  • Technical datas

    • Power of the Solar:54W+15%
    • Battery Capability:12V/100Ah
    • Power of the Light:30W
    • Color Temperature:3000K~6000K
    • Working Temperature:-20℃~45℃
    • Total Height:6.6m
    • Vertical Luminance:>18 Lx
    • Wind Resistance:27m/s
    • Protection Degree:IP65
    • Last for rainy/cloudy days:5(days)

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