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With the continuous development of LED lighting technology, LED lights, which are a new environmentally friendly energy source, will provide a wider production and life with advantages such as high light efficiency and low energy consumption. Lighting design in industrial production should take into account different characteristics and locations (such as high color rendering of food lighting, high safety performance of factory warehouse lighting, flicker-free and high color rendering of assembly line lighting lamps), lighting in different places. You will be informed by reviewing the cost of each process.

Up to 80% of the energy expenditure in a warehouse is spent on lighting, so the lighting system should be as energy efficient as possible. The LED lighting system has a longer service life, is more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly. It can also help companies significantly increase their profits. At the same time, it ensures the safety of workshop workers and improves work efficiency, by reducing downtime and reducing energy consumption to reduce operating costs.

Factory Lighting System Design and Requirements

Factory lighting must meet production and inspection needs. The lighting system of the factory building is generally divided into two types: high-rise buildings and general factory buildings. For tall buildings over 15 m high, gas-discharge lamps are used as the light source for general lighting, and lamps with narrower beams (such as factory lamps with deep illumination) are pulled under the roof. Spot lights can be mounted on the walls and columns that come together to provide the necessary illumination on the work surface.

Factory lighting should be designed according to general principles. For High ceiling lighting requirements and intensity of work locations, mixed lighting should be used where general lighting alone is not feasible. When the illumination of the operation is not high or is not suitable for installing local lighting, or it is unreasonable to use mixed lighting due to production technical conditions, general lighting should be used separately. Compartment general lighting can be adopted when a particular work area needs to be higher than the general illuminance.

Additional information
IP Class IP66 Cl
IK Class IK09
Electrical Details
Voltage AC220V
Lighting Performance
Power 300W
Lumen Value (lm) 36000
Color Temperature 5700K
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