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Led Street Lamp - DC 80W

Led Street Lamp - DC 80W

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Key Features

                    • Long life up to 50,000 hours, maintenance free for a long time
                    • 70% reduced energy consumption
                    • Much less emissions
                    • Longer life
                    • Proven most efficient in its class
                    • Special modular design
                    • High color rendering index
                    • Quick start
                    • One years warranty

                                          Usage Areas

                                                              • Highway
                                                              • Motorway
                                                              • Street
                                                              • Sidewalk
                                                              • Walking path
                                                              • Bike path
                                                              • On-site roads
                                                              • Street and other roads that require street lighting

                                                                                    LED Chip

                                                                                    LED Driver

                                                                                    Led Street Lamp - DC 80W
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                                                                                    • Model: SK080DC

                                                                                    Road and Street Lighting LEDs

                                                                                    Lighting plays a crucial role in ensuring a smooth flow of traffic and the safety of residents. At SOLI Lighting, we are proud to be one of the leading LED Street Light Manufacturers by offering a wide range of curated LED luminaires for the urban environment. LED street lighting is an energy efficient, long-lasting and cost-effective choice for futuristic cities. SOLİ Lighting LED street lighting systems are versatile enough to be easily managed and maintained. In addition, CO2 emissions are lower compared to traditional lighting sources, thus promoting a greener and better tomorrow.

                                                                                    Features and Benefits of LED Street Lighting

                                                                                    The aesthetics and compact design of the LED street lighting options we offer to you at SOLİ Lighting, suit the city architecture very well and have a long-lasting and robust performance. Street Light LED options are highly energy efficient and offer the right lighting to ensure the smooth flow of traffic.

                                                                                    Appropriate street lighting systems should provide an even distribution of light and ensure safety by eliminating the effects of glare. Street fixtures should be easily installed and require minimal maintenance. The area that needs lighting should receive the luminous flux of the luminaire, unlike the sky. In this way, proper lighting improves visibility and minimizes optical loss. It is also better to choose fixtures that distribute light consistently and reliably. Adjusting the brightness levels provides better visual comfort, avoiding significant contrast with darker environments.

                                                                                    Led Street Lamp - DC 80W DATASHEET click to download

                                                                                    Additional information
                                                                                    IP Class IP66 Cl
                                                                                    IK Class IK09
                                                                                    Electrical Details
                                                                                    Voltage DC12-24V
                                                                                    Lighting Performance
                                                                                    Power 80W
                                                                                    Lumen Value (lm) 10000
                                                                                    Color Temperature 2700-6500K
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