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Sports Lighting Guide

We have prepared for you a guide that covers all the information on Sports Lighting. With our long years of experience in lighting, we, as a company, produce LED lighting fixtures suitable for indoor or outdoor sports fields for each branch. Thanks to our guide, you can learn more about Lighting types, understand their benefits, and also have more information about lighting designs.

What is Stadium Lighting?

The action we call sports is a physical activity based on the competition of teams or individuals with various skills and abilities. This competition can be a tournament where success is rewarded, or a purely recreational organization or event. We need special venues called stadiums to host the participants and fans in the realization of sports competitions. In these competitions that can take place at any time of the day, the hall or more lighting definitely plays an important role in the success of the sport. Stadium lighting is the inclusion of artificial lighting in stadiums so that we can use a light that does not match the natural lighting we experience during the day in order to ensure the continuity of sports.

With the development of technology, there are big developments in stadium lighting, where it is almost difficult to distinguish between day and night. Following these developments closely, Soli Lighting offers you the latest technology products. Bright LED lights are used in many stadiums for stadium lighting, which has proven to be vital and necessary in the sports world.

Sports Field Lighting Types

1. Football Field and Stadium Lights

Placing lighting on the football field or stadium will bring various benefits to fans, players and management. Some of the benefits of having stadium lighting on football fields are the flexible scheduling of the hours of the matches, the safety of the people in the stadium, and the better the match viewing experience for the fans. You can decide to purchase temporary or permanent stadium lights according to your needs.

Temporary Stadium lightings are fixtures that can be used independently. They are mobile and mostly used for certain games or events. For a long-term solution, LED lighting projectors are fixed to the poles. You can choose between two options according to your budget and needs.

5 tips to keep in mind when purchasing lighting for a football field or stadium

Lighting football fields and stadiums is an experience-based job. When your stadium lights are placed, there will be a lighting system aimed at the players. This helps them to play better, to see everything more clearly, and the audience can clearly see every detail of the game being played on the field. Choosing football field and stadium lights can be difficult for many people who are not professional. If you are planning to install a lighting system in your football field or stadium, you should definitely not ignore some tips that will help you choose the best we have compiled for you.

a. Check the angle of incidence of the light

The angle of incidence determines how the light is distributed into the illuminated area. If the angle is narrow, low uniformity of light is inevitable. However, if the angle is wide, the light coverage area is high. For this reason, the lights you choose must have appropriate beam angles to create an accurate balance of light in your stadium.

b. Choose quality lights

Always opt for high-quality lights that can provide enough light for the football field. Although there are several top brands that do this job to choose from, you need to make sure that you choose the lighting company with the best product. Pitch and stadium lights have a low failure rate, but still don't rely on it and make sure you opt for high-quality stadium lighting.

c. Choose waterproof lights

Whether the effectiveness and longevity of soccer field lights depends on some factors. Water resistance is one of these factors. You cannot neglect this factor as the fixtures you will buy for stadium lighting and field lighting are likely to be affected by conditions such as moisture and water. For this reason, check and learn their durability levels in order to make sure that the product to be purchased can perform well in harsh weather conditions.

d. Consider heat dissipation

Since the stadium lights provide a high level of illumination, they can be easily damaged by overheating. A good stadium lighting system should have appropriate ventilation for its power. Therefore, when choosing stadium or field lights, you should give priority to those made of pure aluminum. This is because pure aluminum has the highest rate of conductivity.

e. Glare ratings

While most people do not consider glare when choosing football field and stadium lights, this is an important factor when it comes to stadium and field lighting. This is because when the glare is too high, it causes visual disturbance to footballers and fans.

Football fields and stadiums have benefited enormously from lighting systems. They have increased the safety of fans and football players. Moreover, the workplaces and neighbors around the stadiums also had light. However, when planning to install the lights, make sure you follow the rules and consult your neighbors on this to make sure that the light does not disturb the neighbors' homes by directly illuminating them.

2. Tennis Court Lights

If you are thinking of installing a tennis court in your home or if you want to have a tennis court in your commercial property, the essential parts of the court will of course be rackets, balls and equipment including net. You will probably also need some fences surrounding it to prevent faulty balls from going outside, damaging passing cars or surrounding buildings, property, be it artificial turf, clay or real grass. While all of these counts are important, what if you are a busy person who works all day and only has time to play on your pitch in the evenings? Of course, you will need a lighting system for your tennis court.

a. How to get better lighting for the tennis court

When considering lighting your tennis court, it can often be difficult for you to make decisions about proper lighting. You may not know the structural supports you will need, the wattage or even the type of bulb. We can say that you are alone in the dark, so to speak. The good thing is, if you contact us, you will be able to talk to an expert who professionally installs tennis court lighting and has a good command of this subject. We can come to our office to visit us or have a knowledgeable specialist come to you. In both cases, they will ensure that you have the right equipment to meet your needs, set the right type of light, and with their support they will ensure that the lighting has enough wattage to make your court bright enough for you to enjoy playing tennis in the evening or late at night.

b. Cost and installation

Once you know what kind of tennis court lighting packages are right for you, you can evaluate the ones within the price range you think and choose one according to your liking. You can achieve the design and aesthetics you want by changing our tennis court lighting packages according to your taste and the plan of your tennis court. If you want, we can deliver the equipment and fixtures to your property and you can choose to install your system yourself. But if you don't have much experience in electrical work, the best way is to have your tennis court lighted by our professional team. This way, a professional installation is guaranteed and you have a guarantee to get it fixed if anything goes wrong within a certain period of time. With the convenience of a professional tennis court lighting expert installing fixtures, poles and of course light bulbs, your night games will become a joy with enough lighting and correct placements to allow you to see the ball!
If you can't play when it gets dark after work, the great exercise and benefits of having a tennis court will be diminished. When faced with choosing the necessary tennis court lighting to get this job done, you may find that it is more difficult than you can handle and think. By consulting our experts in the field, you can be sure that you will find exactly the equipment you need to enjoy evenings.

3. Basketball Court Lighting

Who says sport is something that can only be done during the day? If you are passionate about basketball and like to play some basketball and shoot baskets into the basket after a long stressful day, you don't need to feel bad and complain about long working hours. All you need is a great court with quality basketball court lighting right in your backyard.

a. How much does good lighting help?

Just any light on a basketball court is not enough to play basketball on that court. While basketball can be quite safe in a bright environment, it can turn into a dangerous halo if you ignore the simple safety rules. When considering lighting options for your basketball court, it is important to consider several factors that will improve your vision.
In the case of reflection from the field surface, indoor field lighting, wrong color selection for the walls can cause the light to be scattered incorrectly and you may not get the performance you want. Natural light from the daytime sun and snow glare are some factors to consider before choosing the brightness of the lights for your court if your location is outdoors.
Too much light can also impair vision and make you feel extremely uncomfortable. It can also cause headaches. Sometimes you can play a shot wrong or it could be seriously injured due to too much reflection. For this reason, instead of making a decision about the basketball court lighting you will buy, we recommend that you get help from an expert who can both inform you about the products and who will be interested in installing them.

b. Setting up

It is not compulsory that all of the basketball court lighting work should be done by a professional. If your budget is limited, you can do some work yourself, such as painting the site and painting the walls. Once the equipment for the basketball court lighting has been selected, you can find experts who will complete the job in less than a day. Since the experts you hire outsource charge an hourly fee for installation, except for the equipment, it would be better for you to plan everything in detail and prepare all the necessary things to get their work done quickly.

If you are more serious about basketball courts and want to illuminate a fully professional basketball court, you can contact us. Our expert team will support you in all steps.

4. Horse Arena Lighting

Horse Arena have intricate designs so it can be difficult to light them effectively. What you need is bright lights that help riders and horses perform well during races. Whether you're building a new facility or upgrading an existing space, this guide will show you some helpful tips on choosing and installing a good lighting system.

a. Specific features of hara lighting

Unless viewed with a professional eye, it may look the same as parking lots, but that's actually not true. A hara lighting system basically requires some different features to provide two things: convenience and safety. The stud lighting system to be installed should be able to remove shadows or glare that could make the environment dangerous for riders and horses during the match. This requires luminaires to be installed as high as possible to minimize the line between darkness and brightness, which can be dangerous. It is important that the lighting products to be used are resistant to dirt, dust and water in the facility and that they are selected.

b. LED and luminaire efficiency

Due to the purpose and size of the riding arenas, the lighting system usually requires a large number of luminaires for proper and good lighting. This means that lighting with low energy consumption is more important than ever. The best way to solve this problem is with powerful and long-lasting LED luminaires. These days, LED lights can last 10 times longer than fluorescent lights. In addition, they are extremely durable with their glass-free designs made to prevent the possibility of breaking. In the long run, it will save you a lot of time and money in terms of replacement or maintenance.

c. IP Ratings

Whether your lighting system is installed outdoors or indoors, in arenas or barns, choosing luminaires with the right IP ratings is essential. IP ratings refer to the ability to withstand certain environmental elements such as water, dust, moisture or wind. Models with a higher IP rating are generally better and more expensive. The three most versions in which you should search for the best lighting fixtures:

IP67: Means submersible and completely sealed
IP66: Means water resistance when encountering a strong degree of water
IP65: means water resistant

5. Football Stadium Lights

Football is the most popular sport in the world. So it is not surprising that millions of football fields suitable for playing games around the world have proper lighting. After all, it is difficult to organize matches, especially the professional ones, if you cannot play after the sun goes down. With the use of football stadium lighting, pitches can have the light players and fans need. There are two major categories of football lights that any pitch can use. You can have a better understanding of the subject by reading the information we provide about them.

a. High Mast Lamps

This type of football field lighting, which can also be found on a small field used for training or the pitch of a top league team, is the traditional lighting setup for any football situation. This type of field or stadium lighting includes a group of powerful lights that are fixed on a high mast. This thick metal pole is used to hold the lights in place and light them at a right angle to the pitch. It is usually placed in four corners of the field, one for each corner. The field and stadium lighting with high poles ensures proper illumination of the goal line at both ends, while at the same time the center of the illuminated area receives sufficient light from each light cluster. Nowadays, the height of the poles can vary and provide different weight-bearing properties. In this way, even small training fields can receive a good amount of light from smaller posts, and more than four posts can be used in one field.

b. Stadium Based Lights

This lighting arrangement is possible if the field is surrounded by some kind of stadium and seating areas. A large number of independent lights are placed on the edge of the circular roof made to protect the spectators from the sun and weather conditions above the seating areas in the stadium structure. In this way, a halo of light is created surrounding the pitch. Unlike a pole-based light setup, it provides great illumination and has almost no shadow direction.
These two stadium and field lighting setups used for football stadiums can ensure that the competitions are played with good lighting at any time of the day or night.


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