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Use of LEDs in Tunnel Lighting

LED tunnel lights are recognized as the most important components inside tunnels. Adequate and proper lighting provided by LED Tunnel Lights can definitely reduce the occurrence of car accidents. Soli Lighting specializes in special projects related to the use of LED lights for tunnels and offers solutions for various tunnel lighting with different requirements and challenges. LED tunnel lights have recently been validated in many parts of the world to be the perfect solution for tunnels and underpasses, once known as dark and muddy passages, due to the outstanding brightness, uniformity of illumination and longevity that are the advantages of LED tunnel lights.

Energy Saving Feature of LED Tunnel Lights

LED tunnel lights are now the first choice in tunnel lighting system. Its features include long operating life, excellent stability and high luminous efficiency. The rapid development of worldwide traffic volume has led to an increase in the need for tunnels. The demand for LED tunnel lights is increasing directly due to safety and energy saving. Currently, LED light is increasingly used to illuminate public road networks, including tunnels, to replace legacy high-intensity (HID) lighting systems. The LED lighting system has proven to be suitable lighting fixtures for underpasses and tunnels today. MH and HPS lighting equipment provides the tunnel lighting system with an attractive combination of tested mechanical construction, low cost and high light intensity. The MH and HPS lighting series can typically output a maximum of 400 W for luminaires that meet tunnel lighting requirements. With Soli lighting, 130W – 140W LEDs can do the same job. Thus, you can see that the energy consumption has decreased to 1/3 of its original value, and thus the operators can save on electricity consumption.

Advantages of LED Tunnel Lights

As Soli Lighting, our core business is to show and introduce some of the excellent features of LED lighting that support the fact that LED road lighting fixtures are a worthwhile investment when it comes to lighting, both in the short and long term. Even if you run LED Tunnel Lights 24/7, the average lifetime of high-end LED lighting is estimated to be 10 years. And in addition, it is very efficient, which means that the gap between the power output and the power input is very negligible, which means a low cost over its lifetime. Although it differs from manufacturer to manufacturer, LED tunnel light has similar characteristics. First of all, it has a power efficiency of 95% or more. So it uses 95% less power than normal light like MH & HID. Second, the lifetime is about 80,000 to 100,000 hours on the L70, meaning that the brightness will retain at least 70% of its original value after 80,000 to 100,000 hours. Finally, the beam angle is 90° for the vertical axis and 100° for the horizontal axis, and the distribution is made using the beam or curve model, which guarantees high illumination uniformity. Input voltage requires AC 90-265V, suitable for worldwide installation. Our LED tunnel lighting is also compatible with sophisticated light controls.

Anti-Glare LED Tunnel Lighting

Developed using sophisticated optical modeling, a uniform progressive light throw design, the LED tunnel lights lens creates balanced and anti-glare lighting patterns in the tunnel without distracting glare or ghosting. As the small LED array consists of individual module chips and high efficiency light source with customized beam pattern, it is uniform and can be simulated first in DIALux before starting LED tunnel lights projects. Using the principle of total internal reflection, the lens of each LED can be wider, this also applies to narrow beam angles.

Why LED but not HID?

Our LED as a tunnel lighting system has two major advantages over HID. First, the quality of the light, and second, the effect of reducing traffic volume. LED light emitters have excellent illumination brightness as they provide longer distance illumination. LED tunnel lights produced by Soli Lighting, unlike traditional HID, provide uniform illumination throughout the tunnel. Also, unlike MH and HPS lighting systems, our LED lights almost never fail and have a much longer service life. In addition, each set of LED tunnel lights is connected in parallel; therefore, extinguishing one or more of them will not affect the rest. It offers more convenient maintenance and lower maintenance cost, and reduces frequent maintenance work and increases the safety of our life and journey.

Materials Used in Our LED Tunnel Lights

Claims regarding the use of LED lighting in tunnels are based on light quality, lifetime and maintenance cost. The improved lighting quality of LED tunnel lights has also proven invaluable to drivers and pedestrians. That's why we decided to invest in floodlights that improve the LED tunnel lighting to improve the transportation network in some cosmopolitan cities and make the public tunnel area more attractive and safe for road users. Most of these LED Tunnel lights are made using environmentally friendly and highly reliable materials, with enclosures made of aluminum alloy and stainless steel. The clear lens is made of tempered glass and prevents dust and water from spoiling the lamp, and their structure makes it possible to work well in humid and high temperature environments.

Special Points to Consider in LED Tunnel Lights

Advanced materials, techniques and light sources are adopted for the manufacture of LED tunnel lights. Because tunnel lighting is not like normal road lighting, it is important for manufacturers to realize that adverse environmental conditions such as vibration, noise, vehicle exhaust gas can affect tunnel lighting fixtures. With this in mind, tunnel light manufacturers need extra research and development to design designs to deliver the best tunnel lighting system that creates a safe environment for pedestrians, cyclists and drivers.

However, before making a decision, we recommend that you consult an experienced and competent LED luminaire manufacturer. Creating a design in consultation that uses the least number of lights for optimum lighting effect ensures the project is a success. It should also be noted that tunnel design affects the required lighting, as not all tunnels are straight. Custom tunnel lights can also be designed to meet customer's requirements.

If your project needs high quality LED tunnel lights, please feel free to contact us. If you want to look at the product features of LED Tunnel Lights, you can access our products here.


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