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Useful Information About LED Stadium Lighting

Useful Information About LED Stadium Lighting and Suppliers
Many stadiums, indoor or outdoor sports venues are now abandoning traditional lamps and converting to LED stadium lighting fixtures. So what are the main reasons for this? The main reason is that it can save more than 70% energy to the user after the lighting is changed. Another reason is that LED stadium lighting has a longer lifespan than traditional lighting. It should be known that the maintenance cost will also be saved.
Stadium lighting is one of the most important factors in any sporting event. Whether for professional, semi-professional or recreational use, proper lighting is absolutely essential. It is one of the most important factors in ensuring safety and competitiveness for both the athletes performing sports, the audience and broadcasting organizations. In addition, LED sports lightings increase the quality of broadcasts among the audience who follow the broadcasts on television.
Floodlights are a type of artificial light with a wide beam and high intensity. It is widely used in various fields. General purpose floodlights are definitely not suitable for large stadium lighting. Sports lighting fixtures are widely used in ports, parking lots, plazas, etc. It is also used for general area lighting such as
The mounting height of the lights is also one of the important considerations. In sports field lighting, the height of the poles can be up to 40m. Therefore, it should be wind resistant. Advanced aerodynamic design is used in our stadium lighting and wind resistance is increased.
What are the Benefits of LED Stadium Field Lighting?
1.Energy saving: LED stadium lighting fixtures are known to be more power efficient than conventional lighting. From the day you switch to LED sports lighting, your energy consumption will decrease significantly. It will definitely save energy in sports competitions held after dark, which will be reflected in your electricity bill.
2.No Warm Up Time
Traditional lamps take some time to reach full power, while LED lights are instantly at full power. If you turn on the LED lights shortly before competitions or training starts, they will immediately reach full power. This will save you electricity costs.
3. Improve Broadcast Quality
LED stadium lighting fixtures improve quality in two basic ways; The light delivered by LEDs is cleaner and at the same time brighter than conventional lighting. Less LED stadium lighting fixtures are required than traditional lights to illuminate a given area, and the LED solution will be more flexible and much more aesthetically pleasing due to the high purity of the light. It will improve broadcast quality in high quality lights.
4.Low maintenance
LED stadium lighting fixtures require much lower maintenance than traditional lighting solutions. LED lights last much longer than conventional lights, and fixtures experience less wear and tear thanks to fewer bulb replacements. This saves both maintenance labor and maintenance consumables. Overall, LED stadium lighting fixtures are the smartest lighting solution a business can choose. Their increased performance, lower maintenance costs and higher efficiency are the biggest solution partners of enterprises.

5. Provides Uniform Shine

The light level and brightness of conventional lighting can be uneven. LED stadium field lighting emits a bright light with uniform brightness throughout the venue. They are very similar to natural daylight, making it easy to observe colors and movements, which greatly increases the playability of the game. Each LED sports lighting fixture can be in a different position with a suitable beam angle and installation angle to provide better lighting effects on the field.

How to Choose the Best LED Stadium Lighting Supplier?

1. Contact an LED Lighting Company

The company that will be your solution partner is a very important issue. We, as SOLILAMP, have a lot of confidence in our work and references. Being aware of what you expect from us, we are always ready to work solution-oriented with our professional colleagues. We really welcome you to contact us so that you can get the results you expect.

2. Cost Issue

Do not evaluate product options based on cost alone. Working with a company that you have decided can do this job that gives you confidence with proper research will provide great advantages to our valued customers. First, determine your average budget. When making the investment, think about what the return will be for you and definitely get information from your supplier about this issue. Ask for a presentation in line with these goals as you will want to reduce your energy performance.

3. Product and Price Research

Never do price research from a single company. Tour the companies' shops or factories. Visit their websites. Get your written price offer from each company you talk to and compare the offers. But REMEMBER that don't expect high-quality services from companies that bid low. Keep in mind that if the price of one of the companies is significantly lower than the others, you will not receive proper service. Doing business at low prices will mean that the quality level will be low. That means having you care more often. The possibility of more malfunctions will put you in financial trouble. The systems you have already made to avoid these costs will not benefit you.


Each country has set standards for LED sports lighting fixtures to ensure quality and public safety. Work with companies that can provide you with these standards and offer you the certificates they have received. Do not prefer to work with uncertified companies for the sake of your own company.

5. Production Capacity

Production capacity directly determines the length of delivery and the time of delivery. It is necessary to understand the production capacity of the supplier before ordering to avoid unnecessary losses. You must confirm the delivery date of the order with the supplier and write it in the contract. In this way, if the delivery date is delayed except for force majeure (strike, lockout, flood, earthquake, terrorist acts and natural disasters), you can request compensation from the supplier by contract.

6.R&D Capabilities

R&D capability is a source of vitality for a factory. The biggest benefit of working with a research-based supplier is that you always have the latest technology, the best design and the most up-to-date products.
7. Understanding Customer Requests and Sensitivities
Each project has various special needs and different demands such as brightness, luminaire, mast, height adjustment. What a good manufacturer needs to do is to understand the wishes of the customer well, to fulfill the requests and to do his job fully. As the SOLILAMP family, it is our first duty to listen to you, understand and fulfill your wishes.
8. Response Speed
It is very important to choose a manufacturer that provides 24-hour emergency response. Any electrical failure will adversely affect the competitions or your service. Therefore, in the event of a malfunction, your supplier should provide a solution as soon as possible to restart your business, repair your malfunction and make it operational again. As SOLILAMP, you can reach us 24/7 and solve your problems as soon as possible.
9.References and Customer Reviews
One of the most important denominators of a company is its references. It gives you important clues about which projects he has done and which companies he has worked with. Do not neglect the references of the company you have decided to work with. Check customer reviews, including reviews of other customers' products and services. These comments may contain important information about which supplier you will choose.
10. Warranty
A high-quality lighting manufacturer should definitely give you confidence for their products and services. Good sports lighting fixtures are quality guaranteed. Remember; The quality of stadium lighting is just as important as the quality of the design and installation process.
11. Check After Sales Service Terms
Many suppliers offer 5-year, 10-year, 15-year or even 20-year warranties. However, when a problem occurs, instead of solving the problem immediately, they may request various information or documents from the customer for proof. This will hinder your work. When choosing your supplier, you should not only consider financially. You should not forget that it is a very important element in after-sales services. Do not forget to get information about after-sales services.
How Much Does LED Stadium Lighting Cost?
In this regard, the size, width, meter of your facility, materials to be used, workmanship etc. are indispensable elements in cost calculations. It is not possible for us to write a price because it would not be very realistic to write a full cost calculation for you here. Please contact us for healthier and more realistic prices.
To make your facilities more stylish, more reliable and less energy efficient, you should replace them with LED stadium lighting fixtures. For this, you should work with a professional team and a company that will provide you with the opportunities you want. Here we, as SOLILAMP company, are always honored to serve you.


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