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Airport Lighting

Summer holidays have begun for us, which may mean that airports around the world can take a short 'break' before we arrive in spring, and people can still be travel-oriented. Airports are exactly what we'll be covering in this week's blog post. In this direction, we examine how airports can minimize their indoor and outdoor LED lighting energy consumption.
The liaison covers an international area of ​​several square kilometers, and this large area is illuminated. For many years, airports have used incandescent bulbs and metal halide lamps, but today the increasing airport invests in LED lighting. These airports have found that energy consumption can be reduced by up to 70% by replacing conventional lighting with LED.

Rules and requirements

Installing lighting on each other can be more complicated than you think. When it comes to the lighting that my numerous demands should have been required. First of all, the air control tower and pilots cannot be subjected to interference, which means disturbing the lighting. Apart from this, the lighting poles cannot pass a certain message, the lighting should contribute to directing the airport passengers.

Indoor Lighting

Read on at Soli Lighting a range of luminaires that meet the specific requirements of Purpose airport lighting. This includes everything from ceiling lights to panel lights and linear fixtures.

AK175, AK300 and AK400 are three LED floodlights produced for indoor airport lighting. The AK175 is one of our most energy efficient ceiling lights, while the AK300 comes with an impressive airport lighting power. We design and provide things for every taste and need.
In addition to LED spots, we can supply a variety of special lined luminaires that can be tailored to any possible need, with the luminaire suitable for large lighting, and our popular panel lighting products. The luminaire can be mounted on the ceiling, wall or as a pendant hanging from a wire. Your user can find lighting for our airport notifications to reduce their electricity bill by more than 60%.

Outdoor Lighting

In Soli Lighting, in addition to a large number of LED luminaires for indoor, it also offers outdoor luminaires that comply with the rules and criteria of the airports.

The ARENA1500 is a robust LED lighting system that makes it suitable for aircraft parking areas and crossovers. Arena500 Arena700 and Arena1000 Apron are ideal models for Taxi and Parking areas. The projector has both up and down lighting adjustment depending on the installation and performs well at any angle.
We recommend that you make sure that the company you trust in airport lighting systems, which is committed to professionalism and experience, can do this job by researching its history.


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