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50W AREA Series Outdoor LED Lighting - AREA50

50W AREA Series Outdoor LED Lighting - AREA50
50W AREA Series Outdoor LED Lighting - AREA50
50W AREA Series Outdoor LED Lighting - AREA50
50W AREA Series Outdoor LED Lighting - AREA50
50W AREA Series Outdoor LED Lighting - AREA50
50W AREA Series Outdoor LED Lighting - AREA50
50W AREA Series Outdoor LED Lighting - AREA50
50W AREA Series Outdoor LED Lighting - AREA50

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Key Features

  • Long life up to 50,000 hours, maintenance free for a long time
  • 70% reduced energy consumption
  • High purity aluminum reflector
  • Environmentally friendly lighting
  • Proven most efficient in its class
  • Special modular design
  • Light angles that can be adjusted according to needs
  • One-year warranty

                        Usage Areas

                        • Stadiums
                        • Sports arenas
                        • Ports
                        • Airports
                        • Warehouses
                        • Outside of buildings
                        • Industrial facilities
                        • Factories
                        • Parking lots
                        • Commercial facilities
                        • Outside of facility
                        • Production facilities
                        • Other large areas that require floodlighting

                                              50W AREA Series Outdoor LED Lighting - AREA50
                                              Ex Tax: ₺4,000
                                              • Stock: In Stock
                                              • Model: AREA50
                                              • SKU: SL-AREA50

                                              Production Place: Turkey

                                              Power: 50W

                                              LED Luminaire Flow Efficiency: 120lm/W

                                              Light Output: 6000lm

                                              Voltage: AC 85V - 265V

                                              IP Rating: IP66

                                              IK Class: IK09

                                              Our Soli Lighting High Performance LED Floodlight product range provides 70% energy savings with the latest LED technology to replace high-wattage metal halide luminaires, which are generally used to illuminate large areas in stadiums, sports fields and outdoors. designed for the purpose.

                                              The Soli Lighting High Performance LED Floodlight family, which can be used in all medium and large-sized large area lighting projects such as stadiums, concert venues, outdoor sports fields, is also used for accurate and perfect lighting of large areas such as warehouses, factories, aircraft hangars and their surroundings in storage areas and commercial industries. . While LED floodlights illuminate with a very high efficiency compared to traditional lighting systems, they also contribute to the future as an environmentally friendly lighting technology.

                                              While LED technology and conventional lighting systems provide illumination at the same lux levels, LED lighting provides at least 70% energy savings compared to conventional lighting technologies. With a lifespan of up to 50,000 hours, it provides maintenance-free practical solutions for demanding applications where maintenance of lighting fixtures can be dangerous or expensive.

                                              LED floodlights provide a wide light angle and high power illumination to perfectly illuminate large areas.

                                              Why Soli Lighting LED Floodlight?

                                              The state-of-the-art LED Lighting Luminaire family produced by Soli Lighting is produced with only the best quality components and experienced hands under high quality control stages. We work with the world's leading suppliers of LED drivers and LED bulbs in our LED Floodlight product range. We always act fairly and honestly in our commercial relations. We provide our customers with unconditional satisfaction in every product by producing them with the highest standard and quality.

                                              Our self-confidence comes from our experience. Thanks to our self-confidence, sense of responsibility, ability to renew ourselves and adapt to innovations from our production quality and experience, we are the leader in the sector and the most reliable LED lighting fixture supplier for our customers and affiliates. When deciding on the LED Floodlight selection, the experience of the manufacturer and the quality of the components used come first.

                                              We have been at your service for 38 years to determine the most suitable lighting method for your project, to prepare a project, to install it and to ensure that it continues its service flawlessly for years.

                                              Soli Lighting is always ready to find the most suitable solution for all your lighting needs with its expert staff.

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                                              Additional information
                                              IP Class IP66
                                              IK Class IK09
                                              Warranty Period 2 Years
                                              Lighting Performance
                                              Power 50W
                                              Lumen Value (lm) 6000lm
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