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 LED Warehouse lights are made for large open spaces that need bright lighting such as auditoriums, gymnasiums, manufacturing, sports complexes, distribution and more. They can illuminate the workspace, increase productivity, reduce maintenance and save energy. It's time to replace the lights in your warehouse with LED lights.

Why LEDs for Warehouse Lighting?

1. Cost – Prices for high-lumen lights have dropped a lot. In mid-2018, we saw the first move in prices that showed we were near the bottom. Now is the time to make your purchases and benefit from lower energy costs. Switching to more efficient lighting by changing the way of lighting can give you a discount.

2. Energy savings - LEDs use 90% less energy than incandescent lamps, 70% less than metal halide or HPS, and 40% less than fluorescent. LED luminaires pay for themselves in 1-4 years. You can contact us for our savings calculation that you can share with your company or just to review.

3. Appearance - New generation LEDs look stylish and modern. They are instantly recognizable for the modern aesthetic they provide.

4. Convenience - LEDs are easy to install. They are lighter and more compact than older fixtures. Plus features like instant-on make them easier to use on a daily basis compared to older tube or metal halides that need to be heated. Feel free to turn off the LEDs at lunchtime!

5. Safety - No UV or mercury. LEDs are the safest light on the market as they do not produce uv or mercury like other lights.

6. Low Maintenance - Typically bulbs and ballasts should be replaced every few years. With LED, maintenance can be reduced by 95%.

Additional information
IP Class IP66 Cl
IK Class IK08
Electrical Details
Voltage AC220V
Lighting Performance
Power 100W
Lumen Value (lm) 12000
Color Temperature 5700K
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