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Solar Powered Park Garden, Plaza, Mall 20W

Solar Powered Park Garden, Plaza, Mall 20W

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Solar Powered Park Garden, Plaza, Mall 20W
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 Solar garden lights will do much more than illuminate your garden. Depending on the type you choose, solar lights can bring a difference to your outdoor space and provide the possibility for a late night stroll or a drink on the patio. So why not invest some money for your garden?

Solar powered lights are surprisingly easy to install. Pin them to the ground or hang them on the wall and you're ready to go. There are no annoying cables or batteries on you that can harm you as it runs on solar energy. If you need to light up a path, light up your door, or want to add some romance to the garden, you can find solar powered garden lighting products for all purposes and designs here.

How does the Solar Garden light work?
During the day, sunlight is captured by photovoltaic sensors integrated into the garden light. This energy is stored during the day and used to power the LEDs at night. Choose an open-topped area and choose a place that is exposed to the sun all day, and make sure the solar collector is not in a shaded area.

A pleasant garden can be created with balanced lighting effects. Solar lanterns, poles, wall lamps and spotlights will be able to decorate your night garden with solar energy with a wide variety of effects.

Any shade areas, even partial ones, should be avoided, because the photovoltaic cells in the shade become current consumers, so they will produce less energy to recharge your solar lamp's batteries.
To maintain transparency and performance, you can regularly clean the solar panel with a particularly non-abrasive damp sponge and water.

Additional information
IP Class IP65 Cl
IK Class IK08
Electrical Details
Voltage DC9-12V
Lighting Performance
Power 15W
Lumen Value (lm) 1500
Color Temperature 2700-6500K
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