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Solar Powered Mini Projector - 10W with Motion Sensor

Solar Powered Mini Projector - 10W with Motion Sensor

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Solar Powered Mini Projector - 10W with Motion Sensor
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With motion sensor, it consumes less energy by shutting down when not working and its batteries last longer. It can be used for vision and security purposes, especially in areas where there is not much movement, such as parking lots or gardens where light is needed for a short time.

Our solar powered floodlights provide a cost-effective alternative to electrically powered floodlights. installation costs are much lower, operating costs are negligible, and systems can be tailored to customers' needs.

Wide Area Lighting

It is important to provide illumination of large open spaces where people gather for social and other activities. Typical examples are public parking lots in shopping malls and airports, industrial and commercial estates, and entertainment areas. Lighting levels should be sufficient to provide users and security personnel with sufficient light to use and observe these areas with reasonable ease. Solar powered projectors are the most convenient type of lighting in terms of savings.


Providing adequate lighting for public safety is important to ensure public safety and protect property. It also plays a role in preventing accidents and injuries. A solar floodlight is an economical solution to provide security and security lighting for public open spaces.

Power Supply Batteries

The solar powered projector is powered by a battery charged by a solar panel. The battery should be sized to provide sufficient power for sufficient time with the lights on. The size of the solar panel will be chosen in such a way that it always provides sufficient charge to the battery, taking into account the reduced solar charge times in winter and cloudy weather.

Benefits of Solar Projector Lighting

Solar lighting offers many benefits over traditional electrically powered lighting. The lamps can be placed wherever needed without worrying about the complexity of the mains supply to the fixture, and their easy installation eliminates the need for expensive trenching, piping and subsequent pavement repairs. Despite the higher price of this module than others, it is more suitable in the long run with lower installation costs and negligible operating costs. Maintenance is limited to replacing defective lamps and battery every five years. SOLI Lighting has many years of experience in the design and installation of solar lighting systems and will provide free project analysis to interested customers upon request.

Additional information
IP Class IP65 Cl
IK Class IK08
Electrical Details
Voltage DC9V
Lighting Performance
Power 10W
Lumen Value (lm) 1000
Color Temperature 2700-6500K
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